Grad Assistantships.

Any athletes/ coaches need or know of any grad assistantships or need a grad assistant for next yr?
It about that time that I am started to look for a school for next year preferably warm weather, a decent sprint program, and a good exercise science grad program.

Please PM me or email me @


I’m curious how difficult is it to get a grad assistant job coaching track and field?

I know the EFS occasionally posts openning in their Q&A. That might be a place to look.

Yes check elitefts, NCAA, and NSCA if you are a member. Alot of the time however its all about who you know.

Still contact everyone you can, if only to ask questions about their program. If you start asking about programs now, (away from when you are desperate :slight_smile: ) it will be less of a buying/selling situation and they will remember you down the line. Besides, after talking to them, you might pick up information that will help in the applications process.