Gpp transition to spp question for Charlie.

-or anyone that might know. This might have already been addressed here but I could not find it.

Is the spp outlined in the Vancouver 04 intended to be directly compatible(volumes, etc.) with the program you outlined in the gpp disc? Or are these two programs to be considered fairly independent of each other?

Also, at what point will the long sprinter 200 and/or 400 begin with longer split runs such as 100+50, 150+50 and so on as a progression from the short recovery 60’s?

not sure about ur first question, but im pretty sure the longer spilt runs could begin at the beginning of spp. remember cf did 60 bc he was indoors on a small track.

Thanks UT, another reason he likely did the 60’s is I believe the focus of that particular program is more towards a short 60/100 sprinter-I’m not sure. Thanks for the help.

The GPP and SPP may not be directly compatable because the GPP covers a range of abilities while the two SPP graphs are for comparable high level athletes who would most likely have a shorter GPP period so some creativity is needed to blend them. Usually a L-to-S program will have a slightly longer GPP then a S-to-L program.

when you say high level athletes do u mean 10.0<??

i have completed the 7 week gpp everything went great, now i am in the week 1 of the s-l but wouldnt consider myself a high level sprinter, what changes would you recommend?

come on charlie answer my question.

i thought he has already mentioned, as have you, to reduce the volume to 75-80%??

no i didnt get that from cf, it was from other coaches. i will probably give my body 3 weeks to adjust to workouts an go from there.

Just keep the speed very relaxed so that you don’t get sore. If you can’t accel as far as the graph says at the end, you need to modify the runs to keep them tolerable. I suspect you went a bit over the top o the first few sessions

the first session wasnt hard, the short rest time of only 60sec made me work, i was still able to maintain form on all 12runs.

my next question, in the intensity limit column when there is 40metc and you are running 60’s does that mean to come out hard for 40m then hold OR gradual acc/build till 40 then hold?

hmmm, i never thought of it like that? I always thought it was driving out to that distance then maintain.
looking at some of Bens splits, 10m spits of a 9.93sec run. they run such as

As one can see, the majority of speed is done in the 1st 30m. The rest flucuates with breathing it appears.

But, maintaining that speed alone would be near flat out, acc from the 30m mark is only marginal. Or is that the point? Driving out to 20m would roughly equat to 0.15-0.2 per 10m slower than top speed.

im lost whats ur point??

acc till 30m, then not much more acc is happening!

depends world class guys can acc out to 40+

so how do u perform ur runs, do u acc out hard or gradual

i go out hard. I never thought of it the way you were thinking! I think he means to acc out hard, but, if your unable to acc for eg. more than 30m, (or whatever??) then you need to adjust the acc distance?. Perhaps as an example, instead of 20, then 30 then 40 then 50 ect, go, 10 - 15- 20 - 25 - 30?? I gues you would have to video record a 60m effort? with 10m markers out, and on the computer, work out where you stop acc… Then plan it out from there???

when u do your 60’s on the speed days r they standing/3point/blks? for me i want to leave the distance like they are in the graph bc towards the end of the program i want to be running full 60’s.

yeah, 3 point. its generally a pretty slow start, camera has it 0.2 slower than high starts! Lack of something to push against? Dont have axcess to blocks, if i did, i would use them. On about the 15th, i should get myself a new set of blocks… So they tell me. I am thinking of making this a short Spp1, doing a few races for a couple of wks, then Gpp again. I started very late, and i think, the longer sprints will suit me better (800m background). So a longer efforts focus in the Spp2 might suit me better? After all, the 60’s season over hear ended 2 months ago!

Cf not sure if you seen my last question:

my next question, in the intensity limit column when there is 40metc and you are running 60’s does that mean to come out hard for 40m then hold OR gradual acc/build till 40 then hold?

I’m fairly sure it means max. acc. to 40 and hold speed remaining 20m