GPP to SPP "ratio"

I finished my indoor season a week ago and I intend to start my GPP tomorrow. The indoor season was the worst so far, as I was forced to change the training system in the middle of SPP. However, the matter is solved now and I’ll be training by the CF’s principles.

From tomorrow I have 15 weeks time till competiton period begins. I intend to compete for 5 weeks and then do another SPP for the end of the summer season.

My question is, how should I arrange my training plan?
I’m a begginer athlete that mostly lacks speed and has good general endurance fundamentals.
I’ve been training track&field for the last 2 years.

Would I benefit more from (in weeks)
1.) 5 GPP + 10 SPP
2.) 3 GPP + 12 SPP
3.) …

I realise I need some GPP to get my tempo volume up again and to get some general strength back, but what would bring more benefit?
More specific preparation (egg. more pure speed work) or more general preparation (which has never been my weakness , since my previous sport was all about general prepration combined with way to much endurance…) ???

S-L or L-S?

GPP S-L, SPP speed S-L, Special endurance L-S (training for the 400)

and you ran 400’s indoors?
How long was your indoor season?
What are your thoughts about what you should do and why?

My indoor season consisted from 7 weeks of GPP S-L which was extremly successful, starting the 12 week SPP, which was cut “short” in the 3rd week as I changed my club and was forced to train with other group, which obviously has stressproof (:p) CNS as the CNS is stressed every day and the total sprit volume is at MINIMUM.
However, my indoor season was in total 11 weeks long and I’ve regressed in almost everything I’ve accomplished in GPP…

My plan was to focus on 60m this indoors to improve my speed as it really is my weakness. My special endurance was never a problem, comparing to my speed.

I ran one 400m race indoors (as my “contract” says I should). I ran the first split in 24,1 and the second one was 27,5 resulting in 51,68s performance. However, I tore my spikes in the first lap which resulted in injured quadriceps in the last curve of the last lap which slowed my down in the combination with the lactate in the last 50m…
I was really impressed by my performance as I didn’t do any SE training since december besides Kitkat’s 2x2x200m (btw, I did all of this under 26s as I should ran the last 200m in the 400m race for sub 50 400.) test 5 days prior to this race.

So I guess my plan for this year is to focus on improving my acceleration and to run some good 200’s, so I can improve my speed reserve for the 400…

My common sense tells me to make a 5 week GPP, 2 weeks only hills and tempo and the last 3 weeks transition to the track. Any thoughts on this?