GPP nutrition

In the GPP, is training intense enough to warrant taking recovery drinks, such as Go! or proglycosyn after a workout? Since there aren’t many speed(like 1 per wk) days in GPP should it only be taken after the speed workout and then just have a meal or protein shake after the other days(like on tempo days)? On days when just weights are done is it recovery drink or meal? Sorry for the unorganized rambling, this is confusing for me, need guidance.

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Depletion leg work can cause much more DOMS, and I presume muscular damage (not just from the DOMS, but from hearing that depletion work is so effective that it goes through all the fiber) than intense speed days, and recovery drinks can be very helpful on these days. I tried to limit the drinks to about 3 times a week, but sometimes 2, sometimes 4.

Depletion leg work? What kind of exercises would that include, like bodyweight squats or something?

Or would GPP weights(high reps, shorter rest) be considered depletion work as well?

I was talking more about BW squats, lunges, stiff-legged other hops, and all that good stuff. Accumulation weights do get you pretty sore after not being in the weightroom for a bit, but not to the extent the depletion stuff does.

So is a recovery drink is necessary after a day of GPP weights?

I wouldn’t profess to know what’s best Prophet - but I’ve found that the increased reps even in upper body weight work have caused me more more stiffness than usual rep ranges and I’ve been having a recovery drink 3 x per week .

I’m guessing mebbe that altho the high CNS intensity isn’t there there’s still a significant amount from the higher reps and muscle recovery would still need all the help it can get .

The only argument I can think of for abstenance is maybe a better rate of recovery when returning to normal routines of reps and recovery drinks .

It might also depend on how ur body works - I have real trouble maintaining weight and missing my PW drink would decimate me .

Well, like gloop, I’m also just basing this on personal experience.

The first accumulation sessions you do I would definitely have the drink after. If you do those sessions after an accleration/split run session than there’s even more reason.

In new phases and especially the accumulation phase recovery drinks can be more beneficial than normal since protein synthesis is often higher than normal. After tempo, recovery drinks would not be as important, although if recovery is still needed from the previous training session it may be worthwhile time to have a recovery drink. Depletion work could also benefit a recovery drink…fairly stressful on the actual muscle fibre.

ok, thanks guys!