Gpp hills

in week 5 of hill training in the gpp there is a wednesday where it just says “speed” mon and friday is the normal hill training progression routine. In the speed to be done on wednesday do you go to the track and use spikes or run on a hard flat surface wearing flats?

It’s discussed later in the GPP download. It’s on the track in spikes. Thinks like 10,20,30m accelerations and then ins and outs over 20m/20m/20m again shown in the video.

True, although feel free to use flats on track/spikes on grass, if an injury-prevention issue exists. Either way, you have a new “stimulus” to work with.

so if not injured then use spikes on track during wednesdays “speed day”?

I would use CC flats and save the spikes for spp. trainers>cc flats>>spikes.

sorry but what is CC flats mean?