GPP Hill Work (American Football): @RB34

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Yeah I remember the thread; I don’t know where the thread is but the Hill Progression was:

-Done on M/W/F along with Explosive MB Throws, Jumps, and Weights.
Wk1: 4/10yd + 4/20yd + 4/30yd (Walk back rest per rep, 2-3 min. between sets)
Wk2: 3x(3x30yd) (1 min. rest rep, 3 min. between sets)
Wk3: 2x(5x30yd) (2 min. rest rep, 4 min. between sets)
Wk4: 2x(4x30yd) (3 min. rest rep, 5 min. between sets)

I assume that was all you were looking for from the thread. If I remember correctly all I did was outline my microcycle so If you want anything else just let me know.

Just finished this up on Friday too; went really well cleaned up my body comp, put on some good muscle, increased fitness, strengthened a few imbalances/weaknesses.

Thanks, you can list more details if you want… What was the volume of tempo work and weight work - did you do any post testing?

Tempo was 2x a week going from:
Wk1: 10x50yd + 7x100yd
Wk2: 10x50yd + 10x80yd
Wk3: 5x100yd + 10x90yd
Wk4: 5x100yd + 2x(10x50yd)

-Monday (first two weeks unilateral work):
Horizontal Press
Hip/Knee Extension
Horizontal Row
Hip Extension

Total Body Auxiliary Circuit (30-40 total reps per exercise)

Same as Monday but at a progressed parameter (volume or intensity)

Didn’t exceed 70% on any lift; used a lot varied tempo (6-1-1, 1-4-1, 3-3-1, etc.)
Volume varied from 10-36 lifts per exercise.
Everything was a very simple progression.
Rest between sets increased as with the intensity.

I didn’t test anything; but because you can ‘test’ MB throws every time you throw them (and I throw from the same place every time) I did increase each throw significantly (hit a 2-3 foot PR on the OHB throw).

I’m also certain I increased 3-5 inches on Broad Jump (again take the caveat that this is all subjective as I didn’t measure anything as I like to be organic and rely on ‘feel’ at least for this block).

Next Block I plan to measure and track everything a little more often; probably the 3 MB throws, Broad or Vertical or both, 10yd or 20yd or 30yd, and this block is Max Strength so at the end of the 3 weeks and throughout I have the AREG option of setting a PR.

Will you stick with the shorter tempo runs? How did you like the tempo lifting?

I’ll be moving to a 50/50 split with the aerobic running being half of SPP Oxidative Drills (Backpedal, weave, 180 turn, etc.) and then the other half still as normal tempo; so the SPP Oxidative work is going to be shorter (<50yd) but I’ll probably go anywhere from 50-100yd for the general runs.

I’ve been using the tempo lifting for awhile now; usually with prehab work and if I have a weak muscle, etc.

I think that ‘tempo’ lifting offers benefits at the beginning of the preparatory period because it re-ingrains proper technique, exposes the pathway longer, can help with proper recruitment, etc.

I know Milo and Buddy are big on it and I tend to steal things from them after going back and analyzing their old programs.

The lifting tempo can be tough shit. What’s the highest you going for your max strength block?

Yeah it can be; 6 sec. eccentrics for 5 reps is a lot of time under tension.

Wk1-M: 5RM Th: 80%
Wk2-M: 3RM Th: 85% (82.5% for Squat)
Wk3-M: 1RM Th: 90% (85% for Squat)
-The percents on Th are based off a training max (90% of best ever result)
-The RM is based off special exercise results

Mondays lifts are Special Exercises for the Squat and Bench Press and the maximum weight that can be handled will increase over the weeks for the Special exercises (ex. Parallel Front Squat, Full Back Squat, Parallel Box Squat and Incline, Floor Press, 1 Board + Chain).

AREG is built in everyday for intensity on the RM days and the reps on the final sets (for instance if I have a projected 5RM on Incline of 195 but feel I can get 200 after warm-ups then I can go for it or if 195 is the selected weight and I feel I can get 1-2 extra reps I will do so), and AREG is built in for the final workout on Th; attempt of a max single is allowed.

qb, I like your setup for the hill work and I like your selection of weight room exercises, but I have a quick question on the following…

Wk2-M: 3RM Th: 85% (82.5% for Squat)
Wk3-M: 1RM Th: 90% (85% for Squat)
-The percents on Th are based off a training max (90% of best ever result)

What is the number in brackets? I interpret the first number to be the % based on 90% and the number in brackets to be the % off of true 1RM, but the numbers don’t jive. What do you actually mean with the two different %?

The first % is in Reference to the Bench Press, the parentheses is the % for the Squat.

So Bench Press-Wk1: 80% Wk2: 85% Wk3: 90% and Squat-Wk1: 80% Wk2: 82.5% Wk3: 85%

Both are based off of a 90% Tfm

This is done because I am also doing Explosive Med Ball Throws, Alactic Sprints, Jumps, and Alactic Positional Drills.

Sorry can you please explain - I don’t understand:

Mon: Special exercises???
Box squat work up to heavy 5-3-1rm???
Floor press

Thur: Classic lifts???
Squat 80% of 90% of 1rm. Ex: 1rep max 100 use 75lbs for how many reps??

-Bench Special Exercise
Wk1/Incline 5RM
Wk2/Floor Press 3RM
Wk3/1 Board + Chain 1RM
-Squat Special Exercise
Wk1/Parallel Front Squat 5RM
Wk2/Olympic Squat 3RM
Wk3/Parallel Box Squat 1RM

-Barbell Bench Press
Wk1/80% 2 sets of 5 reps
Wk2/85% 2 sets of 3 reps
Wk3/90% 2 sets of 1 reps
-Barbell Back Squat
Wk1/80% 2 sets of 5 reps
Wk2/85% 2 sets of 3 reps
Wk3/90% 2 sets of 1 reps

The Thursday weights are based off a Training Max, 90% of best so 225 TRM (250 CRM) for Bench and 500 (550) for Squat.

I decided to keep the intensity the same in the Squat as the Bench on Thursday and it has gone fine so far.

Thanks. Nice squat max of 550!!! Explain TRM and CRM? How many sets did it normally take to work up to a 5-3-1 rm on Monday’s?


Tfm (is actually the acronym used by Zatsiorsky in Science and Practice of Strength Training; I like to use TRM for Training Rep Max) stands for Training Force Maximum.

In the book, there are 3 delineations that are used to explain maximal strength: Absolute Strength, Competition Force Maximum, and Training Force Maximum.

Simply put, Absolute Strength is 110%, Competition Force Maximum is 100%, and Training Force Maximum is between 87.5-92.5%.

So I take the median of the 87.5-92.5% range (ergo 90% TFM or TRM) and use that to work off of for my lifts.

To work up to those Rep Maxes I usually 6-7 sets for Squat(s) and 5-6 sets for Bench(es).

Ex: Bar/Reps 50/5 60/3 70/2 80/1 85/5RM

Damn, 250 bench and 550 squat???

My best lifts are 255 Bench and 565 Squat done about a year and a half ago for football testing.

The Bench Press has definitely increased already though as I did 210x6 for Floor Press and after doing some formulas that comes out to about 270; but of course that is using math for something very organic.

Simply put, my leverages are good for the Squat and not good for the Bench Press; I have had a very large imbalance in my shoulder adduction/internal rotation strength on my left side from all the years of playing QB and Pitching making my right rotator cuff much stronger, along with that being my dominant side too.

I’m still debating on whether or not I will test 1RM next Thursday; probably will end up doing a Max Jones Quad test, though and at least testing bench, not sure about Squat.

I wouldn’t get too caught up in the weights. They’re important but, as Charlie said, they’re just a means. The speed/power assessment is much more relevant and the Max Jones is a nice grouping of relevant physical preparatory qualities. Something along the lines of the Max Jones is a good bench mark for the weight training because if those numbers don’t go anywhere but the weights do than you know you’re emphasizing the wrong components.

In my experience, when the speed/power work is emphasized and properly dosed/managed, in terms of workload:recovery, the weights go up every time with minimal emphasis- every time. More important for you is that you correct the shoulder pathology because an intensification of a lack of scapulohumeral rhythm will only intensify the existing problem.

I only lift primary weights 2x a week this block with no more than 10 repetitions for my top set work.

Speed/Power work is also emphasized.

Ex. Workout from Thursday:
Warm-Up A (~25 min.) + Prehab + Power-Speed
Explosive MB Throws/5x3
Positional Field Drills/~15 min.
Sprints 10yd Hill/5 + 20yd MB Accel/3 + 30yd Falling/3
3 Fold Hurdle Hops + MB Throw/3
Bench Press 195/3x2
Back Squat 425/2x2
Yates Row/4x3
45 Hyper/10x3

My imbalance is nearly gone, during sub-maximal and maximal attempts in the Bench Press my shoulder stays stable; I have simply been adding unilateral Internal Rotation, Horizontal Adduction (w and w/o internal rotation), and various other unilateral shoulder girdle work.