gpp for masters

would a masters athlete starting the gpp do half the volume of the speed and tempo work or would this be not enough work to create a training effect.Replies from what other masters athletes are doing would be great.

tips from CF:

For masters athletes, I would suggest that the starting point for enhancing a training regime is therapy/massage, as older athletes will have more recovery-related issues and these measures can only have beneficial effects. If a masters athlete is starting up after many years off, or for the first time, he/she would need a substantial initial hypertrophy phase (with reasonably moderate progressions), but after that, they would follow the individualized progressions of any other athlete

No argument with the hypertrophy focus, but far more important would be conditioning and technical functions. A lot of tempo–8X200 @70% and such–maybe building to some 300’s or longer at SE I/II intensity. A lot has been said by Charlie about the right side of the curve and how much performance you can gain simply by getting into shape for sprinting. Also drills (A’s, B skips), and easy techincal work with blocks (tends to take time to master). You can work on movement mechanics without constant pushing the body into therapy, and all of these things come into play when you get to accel, MaxV, and SE.

what have you been doing the last couple of years?

What event?

How much time do you have available?

I have done about 3 months of tempo hypertrophy weights and feel ready for the gpp hills.but the volume seems high or would I just do the gpp volume at a lower intensity,or half the volume and up the intensity.
I am training for 100/200 and have 5/6 days a week to train.I am 43 and have been relatively fit but have not done sprint training for 6 years.

Definitely will have to adjust the volume and intensity to suit your needs. Charlie has said many times that it is a template to work from, not a prescription for everybody. That GPP template outlined from the dvd was for elites. Not very many people would be able to handle that type of volume after a couple of weeks.

I suggest no more than 2 HI days pw and get PLENTY of rest. Reduce the volume by around 25% .
I would even start week 1 as
2 x 5 x 10
2 x 3 x 20
1 x 3 x 30


2 x 5 x 10
2 x 4 x 20
1 x 4 x 30

and slowly build up.

Go no more than 3 weeks without a deload week, you may even find you need to go 2 + 1. That said don’t get hung up on a 7 day cycle you may want to start with

Be aware of other factors such as work and family.

Make sure you get plenty of recovery. This doesn’t have to be expensive as things such as a foam roller, self massage, epsom salt baths and contrast showers will really help.

Stick to a good diet.

Most of all enjoy yourself :slight_smile:

A 12 week template I have put together for my gpp looks like this .please feel free to critique.
wk 1,2,3 tue/sat
2x5 x40m hills
3x10 bp, pull down
Tempo 1500m

wk 4 rec
5x40m hills
weights 1 day only
tempo,as above

hills 2x4x40m longer rec.
weights 3x8 same exercises
tempo 1500m

week 8 rec as above

tues speed 3x10 on back
3x10 push up
3x20 "
2 x 20e 20f 20e
sat hills 2x2x60m
weights 3x8
tempo 1500m

week 10
tues speed as above
sat hills 2x2x70m
tempo 1500m

week 11
speed 2x10 pu
2x20 push up
2x20 stand
2x2x20e20f 20e
tempo 1500m

week 12 rec as above

is there enough or too much volume.

As previously stated, recovery is key. Something to consider would be the same total volume spread over 4 days rather than 6 giving you 2 more days of rest.


I agree with John, I coach a few over 40’s and work on 2 high intensity days with reduced volume, each followed by a tempo day 800-1200m, and if possible another tempo day with higher volume 1500-1800m. We do quite a lot of med ball work and bodyweight circuits on the low intensity days. We include weights as the GPP progresses but not past 75% and only a few exercises per unit. The main thing with any athlete but especially Masters is to stay healthy, and as you get older its harder to recover so less is most definitely more. :slight_smile:

John,you stated that a MASTERS ATHLETE should reduce trhe volume by about 75% would an example be in week 3
instead of 3x6x40m hills i would only do 1x5x40m hills.
And what would be a good diet.High protein med to low carbs or high carbs with protein.It can get confusing.
Thanks for all the replies.

i really dont think you have to cut that much in gpp, 3x3x40m should do the job.

sorry I meant by around 25% I have edited it.

I personally find med-high protein with med carbs mostly from fruit and vege works pretty well for me. Things go hay wire when I get tired, adequate rest is vital. For instance this week is a deload week and I’m going

hills and weights (about 50% total of normal)
tempo and med ball (about 50% of normal)

then back to normal training for the next 3 weeks. I have learned the hard way! :o