GPP Essentials

Hi Members,

Congrats to those who got in on the pre-order for Charlie’s new training video GPP Essentials.

This new and exciting product can now be found in our onlinestore by clicking this link



All I have to say regarding this product is WOW. I just got back from Toronto and got to watch the DVD. It was very professional. Well filmed and edited, and do I need to say anything about the content!? My head is still spinning from all the info on the DVD.

Great job Charlie and Rupert. This is definitely something for coaches, and athletes to put in their library. It is now one of my coaching tools as it has such good examples of form, and Charlie does an excellent job of explaining things.

Great DVD Charlie, Rupert and crew…It really puts things in perspective. I especially liked the sit-up circuits. I usually only did traditional sit-ups and leg lifts. The one’s that you present are much more dynamic and sprint specific. Great stuff…

Agreed good DVD. The medicine ball drills and incorporation of the medicine ball with hurdle drills were illuminating.