good or too much?

i am 16, first of all, and in a dilemma. could i, on the same day, do tempo in the morning and speed work in the afternoon (some 12 hrs distant from each other). maybe 3 times a week and once only speed and the others passive rest or something like that. basically i want to get an ida if that could be done without me destroying myself. all of this being in season.

i don’t do weights cause of back problems and stuff and i wat to wait a year or so before i do weights and destroy my back because in 1 year time i’ll be naturaly stronger etc.

so i would like to know if i can opt to a lot of tempo and speed work without killing myself.


this is a funny thread, you should be able to do weights even with a back problems.

bench press

He definitely should, but he needs to identify and fix his back problem as well. But even if you were seriously injured, still lifts that you can do.

yeh i agree but i thought that was obviously.

it’s scoliosis (spelling) and i don’t want to do weights and end up bent more than i am because i could end up needing surgery and all…

If you are having 3 days passive rest, why is there the need to cram full the days you are training. Can’t you spread the same training load more evenly throughout the week. So you are doing speed, tempo, speed, tempo, speed or something like that??

It seems like you don’t want to do weights, so I am not going to enter into that really, except that in order to get significantly quicker, you are going to have develop a method of applying greater force to the track, and a great method of developing this is by weight training. Maybe you could use some low impact plyometrics and body weight circuit training for now to help improve your strength.

yeah, ill try to spread things about. and about the weights on friday i’ll see my chiropracter and see what he thinks i should do because i could get to top 3 in my age group with some weight training. though the levels in here aren’t like in america…we’re still slow :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks ppl,