Good Joint Support formula...

good stuff…nothing earth shattering. Any experiences?

joint formulas everyday or only after high intensity workouts?

Am trying HydraJoint (myself and the Mrs.)
Glu/Cond/MSM/and Vit C

$24.99 for 30 days but got it on-line thru Walgreens at 2 for 24.99

What sort joint supplementation are people using and how are you using it?


I feel that my Zone Perfect fish oil (3 caps 2x a day) keeps my joint on point.

Has anyone used creams or balms that contain copper as sold by snac systems.

I tried it but couldn’t really tell that much. Pretty mild effects, but I’ve seen some pretty strong results from Glucosamine.

Cream or pills?

The glucosamine was in capsules. Often a Glucosamine/Chondroitin combo is recommended but lately there is some suspicion as to the source of the chondroitin so i’ll give it a miss.

I bit of info chondroitin. One of the parents on my kids trackteam is a nutritional biochemist. He recently went to a seminar regarding chondroitin and they suspect that this supplement might be a cancer causing agent. He recently joined the forum. I will try to get him to comment on the subject when I see him on saturday. He told me that Glucosamine is fine to take alone.

I use Joint Solution by Prairie Naturals (Canadian company).

contains glucosamine and MSM.

Anybody have experience with this product?

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