Good Feature on Gemili from April 13 2016


Very good example of reusing elastic energy in his strides through stacked joints. Good video James.

See the block start 1st step at 3:00 with the footstrike ahead of the hips.

I am Dr. Ralph Mann, and I do NOT approve this message.

It appears to me that he can gain something by getting his start mechanics correct. Too long of a first step that costs momentum. Pretty surprising to see someone at his level with this kind of technical gaffe.

Ikh, I agree 100% that too long a stride in which the foot is beyond the hips is a performance decrement, however, if you look at this still shot, it’s not as substantial as you’ve described in terms of “a technical gaffe”. Adam.jpg

For comparison, here’s one of Asafa and, granted I’m eyeball the forward most point of the crease in the hip in both photos, you see comparable positions: Asafa.jpg