good books

Anyone know of any good books, in regards to training for speed/strength. With an emphazise on football. i really dont want an e-book since i hate to read on the computer screen. I just purchases Joe kenn’s book. thanks


I just send the e-copy to Kinko’s copy store online and they print them out for me! :). Joe Kenn’s book is great. CT’s Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Method is also good but currently, it’s in e-book format. CT mentioned about selling hard copies in the near futire but he doesn’t know when exactly. I decided to just get the e-book and send it over to Kinko’s and make a copy so I can take it somewhere and read it. I’m not really a big fan of e books but what choice do I have? I also plan to get CF’s training for speed. That should be enough for you to design your own program. It might be helpful to read all the articles at Elitefs’s website about Westside methods (Kenn applies some of the Westside methods in his program). Keep your mind open. I also have Joe Franco & Martin Rooney’s 40 yard book. It’s helpful if you’re looking to improve your speed by working on the techniques. Alot of athletes don’t really know how to set up properly at the starting line that can cost them as much as 2-3/10th of second.


whispers you are allowed to print out ebooks if you really want.

LOL! I used to print them out for free in college. I changed college recently and I’ve yet to find this library. he he

How do u like the 40 book. Is it all techniques to get a faster time or does it have workout principles in it. Also, where did u get it, I know its on elitefittness but there real overpriced on there books.

If you want to just get a faster time, then DeFranco’s video would probably be better.

You can’t really worry about workout principles if you’re stuck in that program still. Have they gotten any better yet?

Well, iam still stuck in the program, it will only be for a short period of time. Since i will be transfering, obviously the S&C isnt the only reason, but the whole new regim as a whole. I will not be going through spring ball which starts right after spring break so i doubt they will still let me workout with the team (big loss). But the old strength coach who still is in charge of all other sports will still let me train in the facility so im trying to figure out what to do in the meantime. My legs have gotten weaker since weve started from all the overwork. If you want me to go into specfics you can PM me. Or have an suggestions about what i can be doing let me know. later


QUOTE=delldell]If you want to just get a faster time, then DeFranco’s video would probably be better.

You can’t really worry about workout principles if you’re stuck in that program still. Have they gotten any better yet?[/QUOTE]

I got 40 book from elitefs. I buy some of other books on since they’re cheaper and come with free shipping.

Here’s Table of Contents -
I Intro
II 10 “truths” of training
III The Dynamic warm-up
IV Odds and Ends
V The set-up
VI The first 10 Yards
VII The transition to Top Speed
VIII Strength Training for the 40 yard dash
IX The Fab 15 Top strength exercises for faster 40 times
X Sample 6 week training Guideline
XI Commonly Asked Questions
XII Client List
XIII 10 Commandments to a Faster 40

Now, the video by DeFranco probably is a better one but I haven’t seen it. I got this book a few months ago before the video came out. Since I’m deaf, there’s no point in buying the video unless it’s closed captioning (very unlikely). Personally, I like this book the best as far as gaining speed goes. This is a first one that I can remember that really emphasis on strength training for speed. Pretty much other speed programs, they recommend tons of polymetrics and gimmicks. Go to and read his articles and Q&A section. He knows what he’s doing. Like Kenn, he uses westside methods. I wish I had this book long time ago when I was in HS… I could have run in the low 4.4s. I tried out for football in college but i messed up my both hamstrings halfway 40 yard testing and managed to run 4.6… twice. 34 inches Vertical jump. It was the most painful experience that i’ve had to go through. Back then I had no idea that I needed really strong hamstrings and I thought by doing leg curls were enough but no way… I was squating 405 for 6 reps (@ 172lbs bodyweight) easy. The point is you really need to work on your posterior chain (hamstrings,glutes and lower back)! They are crucial for speed. The best exercises are bench GHR, natural GHR, Reverse, 45* and regular hypers, squats, good mornings, deadlifts to name a few. I’ll tell you one thing… GHR is a bitch!