Good article on speed & age.

Yes, but I believe that the critical factor is will they be able to maintain their will power to do such a thing in their later years of life.

Awesome! ***

So you only do high intensity once per week?

What about lifting once you start the accelerations once per week, do you lift once per week then or do you continue with 3x per week?

Do you ever extend your sprint day out to max velocity or speed endurance distances?

Actually, I do three times per week, one time I do both sprinting and lifting in one day, otherwise i do weights sep. from tempo work. Even tempo is about 1500m per session, not much. later in preparation I add 50’s or 70’s to the acceleration session. ex. 5x30m, 2x70m, or 4x30m and 1x300m. that’s it.very simple. I would like to doi more work but I am limited to my body- not young any more… :smiley:
Right now I changed a little bit my lifting session- more volume work, I will see what happen in a couple of weeks when the comp. season will kick off… :cool:

Just to be clear on this, are you saying you sprint once a week, lift three times per week and do tempo two times per week?

I.e. something like:

Mon: sprints, plyos and weights
Tues: Tempo
Wed. Weights
Thur: off
Fri: Weights
Sat: Tempo
Sun: Off

How would one of your regular weights sessions look like?


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Thank-you for posting the article on Speed and Age. Did you write this article?

If not are you able to add this information for us.



Race Radio

Thank-you for posting the article on Speed and Age. Did you write this article?

If not are you able to add this information for us.



Dear Pavel,

      I know that you answered this question, but the post seems to have been removed. Would you be able to kindly answer it for me again?

Thank you very much!


So my weight session would be like this (all is in kg):
Bench press- 10xbar, 6x50, 3x70, 3x90, 5x100 or 10xbar, 6x50, 3x70, 10x90
Lateral rises- 2x(12x12.5)
Squat- 8xbar, 3x70, 3x110, 2x140, 4x170 or 8xbar, 3x110, 1x130, 8x150
Latpull down- 8x50, 8x60, 8x70
Stiff DL- 2x(12x50)
Biceps curl- 2x10
Tric.extension- 2x10
It can be like this… hope it helps.

BTW I partially torn my right achilles tendon during summer preparation so I was on crutches :frowning: , but I never give up nad I am in preparation for indoor again and want to compete on Master’s Worldchampionship in Finland this winter… :slight_smile:

This season I’ve changed my preparation a little bit so my training schedule looks like this:

SU- weights (heavy)
MO- acceleration + plyo: 3x(4x30m), 5x5hurdle hops
TU- weights (easier)
WE- tempo: 10x200m (35-37)
TH- Weights (heavy)
FR- acceleration with sledge+5kg and tempo: 2x(3x30m), 5x200m (35-37)
SA- rest

update… last week I ran 60m in 6.84… new PB ! :slight_smile:

Great Pavel! Nice to see how people make PBs at that age. Many before 30s make excuses that they are “too old” to sprint well. So heavy weights before acceleration day seems to work great for you? How many weeks have you followed such setup?

Pavel, interesting that you have gone to the plan. I gravitated toward something very very similar and have had more pr’s in weights and sprints than ever. I lift the day before sprints pretty frequently and have no trouble.

I have also gone to a simple plan with simple progressions.

Hey man thanks for making us older sprinters look good. I dont compete anymore but I still do lots of speedwork to be able to run with my athletes

I wonder if there’s something here beyond masters. I think accels on Monday and Friday is the same scheme that Pfaff has used. I wonder if there’s a stimulus effect from the heavy weights the day before accels.

Have you done some of the accels without the heavy weights the day before and noticed a difference?

Nice. That’s respectably fast!

Are you familiar with Anatoli Bondarchuck, the legendary Russian hammer throw coach? I’ve read many of his books and he mentions that some athletes perform technically better the day after weight work, when their muscles are fatigued. These types of athlete will perform weight work the day before a competition!
Of course this is only in regards too hammer throwers, not sure if the same can be said for sprinters, but interesting nonetheless.

I don’t think it has anything to do with being a masters age athlete. The folks I got the idea from were mid-late 20’s bobsledders. Keeping volumes manageable and using simplicity is the key imo. I have done the following with pretty much equal results:

  1. Accel and weights
  2. off or low int
  3. weights
  4. speed
  5. weights
  6. maybe another running day
  7. off


weights, sprint, weights, sprint, weights, sprint - alternating each day.

I do this scheme because of my work… I am not able to make training twice a day… So that’s the reason. Secondly, the schedule one week before my record was like this:
MO- weights (bench, sqats, latpulldown)
TU- 2x10m starts, 3x30m acceleration, 1x70m (95%)
WE- weights ( bench, deadlift, rows)
TH- tempo: 4x200m
FR- rest
SA- competition

So you can see here that the weights before comp. were out of schedule. I rest…

on 17th I ran 6.93 - terrible last 30m due to tension during my race when I was head to head with Czech record holder over 100m Jan Veleba (10.23) and I was trying to run with him… He did 6.85…