Good 10yd dash times

Id wish combines would test 10yd times. But what would be considered a good 10yd time.

Most combines are already handtimed and even the official has a manual start, so who knows. Somebody here like xlr8 prob. knows what some good listed times are, but there is already such inaccuracy w/ handtimed 40s who knows how bad it would be with a 10.

I remember back in highschool we tested the 10yd dash, wow, not a good idea.

I blew the doors off of our star running back who had 2000+ yds during the year. probably by a good 3 meters literally he didnt get out of the start I was timed at 1.7, him at 1.6.

The 40yd is bad enough no need for 10yd u’ll end up getting people reporting 1.1 or something. Until electronic timing is used consistently throughout football testing do not make it any worse than it already is with all of these inflated test results.

Even with electronic timing the 10yd dash will be screwed up?

Eh, I dunno, I think its just too much of a hassle, I think you could extrapulate what your trying to get at through other means anyhow, chances are for football your going to be testing weight numbers and probable vertical jump at least and mabe broad jump, I think thats a decent correlation to 10yd dash anyhow, if you really want depending on how you want it measured you could through in some type of reaction test, I think using this would give you a better idea then trying to figure out a reliable 10yd system.

think about it, they don’t even have true electronic timing now. What is a 10yd dash going to do? for positions other than o-line, d-line, and maybe lb/fb, I don’t think the 40 is that bad when combined with the other indicators. Performance is best, but looking purely at speed, explosiveness, etc. I think it does a decent job.

Here is a link I found that pretty much proves the innacuracy.

On the 10yd split times, none of the fastest people are on the best 10yd split times. The best 10yd times have slow 40’s.