Hi, I’m a track athlete (100, 200) who also likes to golf primarily in July and August, but also in late spring and possibly early fall. I was just wondering, is there any potential negative fallout to this. I was specifically if the large walking volume (In excess of 10K per round) would have a negative impact on fibre type. I play about 35-40 rounds a year if that helps.


Appreciate the reply, thanks for the encouragement. However I am still not convinced. It is not really endurance training, as you are not pushing yourself anywhere near maximum capacity (unless you’re dangerously out of shape) but you are moving for a long period of time over a considerable distance.

Does anyone have any knowledge or opinion on this?

No I don’t believe that Golf will hurt you in any way. Unless a Golf ball hits you on th head!!! LOL!!!

Of course it will make you tired so you should try and cut your Rounds-a-year down from 35-40 to 30-35.

I think that’ll help, good luck!!!:slight_smile: