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i have a buddy from the gym/store, that is a scratch golfer, former ncaa div 1 guy and although he doesnt golf on the canadian tour, he still takes it very seriously and does his off season work as hard as anyone, meaning, including all athletes not just golfers.

he is 6, 170, very very lean, good cardio shape, strength is average and flexabiltiy is good. he is following a basic weight training, core lifts, 3 sets 10-15.

question is, he mentioned today that he would like to learn “those explosive lifts i always see you doing.” meaning, cleans, power snatch, standing push press, plyos (including clap push ups) and also deads and some jump squats…given that is right around the corner to the start of golf season, is this a good time to learn these lifts? or should he wait until october to integrate them slowly into his routine? and if so, what lifts will benefit him the most? meaning, which order should we teach him the lifts?

thanks in advance

Wait till the end of his current season to learn new lifts. I’ve found that golfers respond well to med ball exercises because it allows them to develop bilateral strength around the spine (by including mirror training- opposite to the direction of their game.) Perhaps not intuitively to those who don’t play, golfers have a very high injury rate- with up to 80% of top golfers playing with some sort of injury at any given time. Bilateral strengthening can alleviate alot of problems.

Tiger is amazingly strong for a sportsman, at the million dollar golf challenge, i was talking with Ernie Els, he told me that Tiger can bench press over 160kgs, but that he is VERY secretive about his gym programme, now for a strength to weight ratio like his, he is very powerful. Btw Ernie does alot of boxing bag workouts, he cant play this week because of a hurt wrist haha.

thanks charlie!!!

i was thinking along those lines, but thought it be a good idea to check with those who are in the know with golfers, as i have no idea.:clap:

Check out:

160kgs or 160lbs? There is no way Tiger can press that! :mrt:


i have heard that tiger can bench well over 315lbs from a number of people. i havent seen it myself, but i believe it.

I’ve heard it too.

Wow. I stand corrected! Very Impressive lifting for a golfer.

“Well over 315”? I’ll believe that when I see it. (Not that I disbelieve the adroit individuals on this forum…it is just that the term “Well over” is quite nebulous…Does it assume that Tiger can do reps with 315? If so it means Tiger is only 80 pounds behind Ben…)

Ben did 450 for 2.

i heard from the guy i was refering to in the first post who is buddies with some of the canadian guys on the tour, that although tiger is very tight lipped about his offseason work and the nuts and bolts of the program, the guys have seen him “bench well over 3 big wheels per side.”

sorry i dont have more details, but they are golfers afterall, and they probably cant take a quick glance at an oly bar and asses the weight the same way one of us could.

Originally posted by pete
Ben did 450 for 2.
OOPS, thought it was 405…my bad.

Mark 365, Desai 385, Tiger 315+…Okay, but can he play GOLF?