Goin back to my natural technique to prevent further injury

Im abandoning my new running technique because it is driving me into the ground with injury after injury. Im going back to my natural style, before i had knowledge of “proper” technique, and then work my way back up slowly, using drills, experimenting and implementing a technique that best fits “Me”. Ive got to start doing some serious drills or something, because my muscle memory seems to die hard, thats part of the reason my new technique failed. My muscles just couldnt adapt so quickly. So this time ill take it slow, start with the very basics, and work my way up, making shure that it best fits me.

You are making it hard on yourself. Just go out and train.

How do both techniques differ?

daniel,like i said before…post a clip of yourself and we will help!!! :rolleyes:

daniel,like i said before…post a clip of yourself and we will help!!!

Its impossible to post a clip anytime soon with the ankle injury still naggin a bit and my knees are sore.

How do both techniques differ?

Well my natural techniqe, I just go with the flow, think about how fast I want to run and just run it. To be more specific, my hands are open and free, their swing is quick and short, reaching up to my chin when swinging forward then not to far down/back. My knees dont come up to too high and and my foot doesnt go over the lead knee when coming forward( just slightly Below) My stride length is not so long but my footspeed is very quick and continous, never breaking dorsiflexion.

The new technique I had adapted was the textbook one but It did me no use other than injury because the old one was still strongly imbedded in my muscle memeory. I couldnt just relax and run with the textbook technique, I had to force my body to do it and constantly focus my mind on what I was doing otherwise It would just do the old technique. So I was practically running like a machine and my body wasnt taking it easily.

Here Is a side angle of my using the old technique. So its very quick since it was self recorded (fixed angle shot) u will have to slow down the media player to see what Im doing. Also, in the first run up I had just came out of start position so i was still down a lil and my arms where up.

Me running, side angle

great clip can really tell alot from that

Lol, im assuming ur being sarcastic? dont worry Ill get some great clips when im fully healed, i think i need to lay off the football and rugby. Their setting back my rehabilitation process.