Go! (Supplements)

I have tried the “search button” but could not find Clemson’s discussion on the Go! product. The same product as the Biotest Grow! from the web site netrition.com? What are the advantages of athletes using this product? The ingredients - nothing harmful that will test positive?

When do athletes make use of the product? In the Preparation, Pre-comp or Competition Phase?

What will you recommend as supplements for athletes with Nationals in 3 months time, European season June/July and the Olympic Games in August?

Sprint Coach…did you you try my site? The product has been tested and yes it has been great. One world champ took the product multiple times a day (I no longer suggest taking it more then twice unless you are over 200 pounds) and she tested clean in 2001.

I like it because it tastes good and portable. I am interviewing the VP of the company soon.