Go and G-Push

I wanted to know more about the G-Push product linked from your web site. How do you incorporate it versus Go? Do you use it as a pre- or post-workout supp? Which G-push formula do you recommend for sprinters? I think I’m going to give Go a try when my current stock of Surge runs out, and G-Push caught my attention as well.

I also wanted to know if you use a regular protein supplement with any of your athletes and which source(s) you recommend and trust. I’m hearing a lot of contradictory stories about Protein Factory.

BTW I just bought Fraid Nots, and you’re right, it’s a first class product. So far, you’re batting 1000 on your product recommendations.


Many questions…great questions…I am on my coffe break so I must be quick.

GPush-Take the G1 formula to keep hydrated in those hot summers for sprinters or for long workouts to maintain stable blood sugar.

Protein Supplements- I like my athletes to take Low carb grow or ISS (Mitocellular Matrix) during the day for anti-catabolic purposes and take Go post workout. Surge and other formulas are great but the practical purpose of having something premixed is so key and it doesn’t spoil. People will argue the denatured protein but AA are pieces that still can build muscle. Also they have been tested by Mitochondria.

Fraid nots is great! In fact I have a new stretch (old stretch that can be enhanced with the rope) and hope to post it.

My suggestions on training are based on my history with athletes and all content should first be guided with the help of parents and trained medical staff.


G1 is a great product, if you find that the calories are a little light for your (or you athlete’s needs) and G2 is too “heavy” (140 cals vs 50 cals) try adding some carbpro (straight maltodextrin powder) to the G1. this way you can personalize the carb concentration to fit the circumstances.


Thanks for the feedback, guys.

Regarding protein supplements, I’m going to contact Europroteins and Glanbia (who make micellar casein and CFM whey respectively) and see if I can buy directly from them and in what quantities.

Has anyone tried buying directly from protein manufacturers?

are you aware of the research behind the G-Push and if so, what’s your opinion?

I specifically refer to any research undertaken in North America, as I know about the one done over here (I was testing in one of their experiment series with cycling/triathletes).


G-push is dead…and Go has been replaced by the new PWO products such as cytofuse.

Not surprised…