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ONE FOR PJ: “It is better to help a person than a garden gnome” - WHO SAID THIS? :slight_smile:


After the tsunami, the garden gnome looks like in trouble, and the man doesn’t seem to be in state of emergency. However, the third man (photographer) looks like almost under the see level and is the one who needs the help! My guess is that the photographer last words were “It is better to help a person than a garden gnome!” as the man chose to save the gnome and let the photographer die.

:confused: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

AMELIE :cool: :smiley:

I finally found the DVD cheap enough to buy it and it’s wonderful. That was one of the bizarre lines from this strange little miracle of a French film… i thought to test you because Amelie was your avataar :rolleyes: :confused:

Amelie, of course…
However, my reply was not too bad :stuck_out_tongue: And still includes the possibility that the photographer was Amelie like in the movie.
Nice movie, who had incredible success in France, in spite of litte budget and advertisement.

Yes, when my friend at work saw I had a new copy of Amelie who said he had seen and enjoyed it very much. I asked if it was safe to play for my 10-y-o daughter and he said he thought no problem. No sex in the show.

I thought maybe I should watch it before playing for her, just in case. Jesus, the show opens with Amelie in bed, then to how many women in Paris are at this moment having an orgasm and shows :eek: 15 of them . . and the movie goes from there. Good judge my friend! :stuck_out_tongue: