Glute Ham Raise replacement

Can i get your guys’ opinion on the best substitute for the glute ham raise? (Or the best hamstring exercise in general) I don’t have access to a GHR machine.

leg curl
standing or seated good morning
partner GHR
on a swiss ball


For hamstrings I’ve always been fond of:
Partner Reverse Hypers a la Charlie

i saw a video awhile back of this guy hanging upside down from his ankles. He was completely extended straight down, and would use his hamstrings to lift himself into a squat position.

If you had a partner to spot you and an apparatus with a secure hold on your ankles, would this be an ideal hamstring exercise? (although very difficult) I feel like it takes away the “fulcrum” that traditional hamstring exercises negatively incorporate. Or at least moves that fulcrum from your knee down to your ankle. what do you think?


So essentially it is an upside down chin up done using your hamstrings instead of biceps!? IMO this would be a very poor hamstring exercises for a sprinter as there would be absolutely no hip extension component to the exercise. GHRs in general are awful for sprinters and ingrain an unnatural motor habit into the hamstrings that contributes to injury when sprinting. Success leaves clues, Charlie never had his athletes perform GHRs but instead used hyperextensions, deadlifts & reverse leg presses for hamstring work.

But there would be massive and I mean massive eccentric strength required to do that, which would defo be of benefit!

i went back and searched through the forums and gathered a better understanding of the non-benefits of knee flexion exercises. James Smith wrote some pretty good stuff (as well as many others)

reverse hypers (and other straight leg movements?) tended to be the consensus. although, Im having trouble finding places and equipment to do these things.