glutamine or creatine poll

which product do prefer when training…

if none…then post a reason or another product from which you’re taking.

The only supplements I take.
Blackstarlabs Low Carb Whey XL… where else can I get good protein at 4 bucks a pound? I go through untold quantities of this. I was buying it when the company was still Protein Customizer and nothing has changed my loyalty.
Cytosport Muscle Milk… I don’t have a portable kitchen! 0-2 per day
Blackstarlabs Fish Oil… Too cheap for sears or carlsons, want the amazing benefits of fish oil. I take 6-10 grams a day.
NOW Bromelain… I find this helps in my recovery I take between 500mg and 1g depending on how beat I am.
MSM… Guess who I buy it from? I’m not really sold on this supplement. But at 1g a day I got enough to last 1/3rd of the year for 6 bucks.
Multivitamin… I’ve been wanting to try the HPF brand. But I need a little push to take the plunge.
Vitamin C… A requirement for the strength and power athlete who cycles nearly a 100 miles a week just to get to a job (and school) where you have to stand and walk for the entire shift.
BCAA’s… I bought a pound and it will probably last the entire year. I only use these in combo with whey/dextrose in the most intense workouts during the most intense blocks. Too expensive.

Why don’t I use anything else? Cost mainly. Performance enhancers are only necessary when I have an abundance of recovery. Hence creatine is out. Plus it is not entirely copacetic to take when you sometimes become dehydrated. For me I always see the greatest benefit when I increase recovery aids. Glutamine is like BCAA’s. Too fricken expensive. And your body can produce it. I am not sold on it’s utility.

Has anyone ever encounted “Cell-Serge” by Powerbeck Sports (part of the PRO-Tech range) …

As far as i know it is a newish Advance creatine technology which consists of:

10g of creatine
10g glutamine
200mg of insulin-potentiating Alpha Lipoic Acid

Per serving…(read off the box …lol)

Loaded up and continued taking it for 5weeks… Once off it , my bench went up from 90kg to 100kg (i no its not much…i’m a jumper! lol) and my speed over 60m went from 7.1s to 6.8s! (i put it down to this creatine anyway that is! )

Anyone heard of it b4?


Check the archives on the site re creatine. There’s no reason to “Load” on creatine! (Other than profit for the company) It will likely lead to injury. If you use creatine, start with very little and slowly adjust upward if needed. You likely wont need anywhere near what is suggested!
Also, your bench went up when you went off it- precisely the opposite of the expected creatine effect (which is to swell the muscles, favourably altering the mechanical leverage, while, at the same time, making the muscles more likely to be injured.)

thanx for the reply Charlie, If my post seems somewhat “stupid and amatuer like” my apols lol…I only this winter season was introduced to suppliments in general, and intend to become more educated on the subject! :stuck_out_tongue:

So…what i know is, my bench was at 90kg for 1RM for the weeks I was using Cell-Serge. The week after finishing the last serving , I was lifting more, Running faster and jumping higher. This lasted for approx 2wks , Then bench went down to 95-97.5kg for 1RM (using bench as the example)…

I am now taking the creatine again hoping that it will have the same effect.
Fingers crossed, but is it the wrong thing to do?


Creatine stays in ur system for a long time especially if u loaded ( which I hadn’t ), I think I’ve learnt this the hard way with two injuries in weeks I was cycling off creatine - not all the cause but a bit of a coincidence I think.

thanx gloopzilla,

honestly, i think am being a little nieve. lol
training tonight, i felt a little twinge in my right hamstring. Coinsidence maybe…I havent experienced a hamstring problem B4, so i think Charlie has thrown the jinx at me:P haha

Charlie, …do i just go back through the threads to find the Creatine Info? or is it a diferent web page?