glucosamine sulphate for joints

Have anyone used these products for joints. I have had light reumatic joints pains for couple of years now. Doesnt really affect my life much but dont know how bad its gonna get with time.


You are looking for it to contain chrondoitin sulphate (spelling?) aswell. Take it 3 times a day with meals.

It usually take 6-8 weeks before you will notice any benefits.

FYI I have not seen any research or recommendations for glucosamine as a treatment for rheumatic arthritis. I did a lot of research on glucosamine a while ago.

‘‘Rheumatism is a term meant to describe subjective sensations and not a specific disease, such as chronic joint inflammation, osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis, almost any chronic dull ache associated with the aging process’’

I not trying to be clever, I just used a definition from a med book :wink:

Apunen have you been diagnosed with a specific condition? Glucosamine and chondroitin may help with joint problems (and in my experience MSM also), but as Jimbo states, most of the research regarding arthritis and glucosmaine/chondroitin has been conducted on osteoarthritis. Whether these substances can alleviate rheumatoid arthritis I do not know (although it seems reasonable), but for this form of arthritis, I would guess that most of the research has been related to the underlying cause which is an autoimmune condition. For this, I have read that both digestive enzymes (to prevent allergenic protein absorption) and systemic enzymes (to breakdown immune complexes) may help.

However, there is a great deal of info out there on joint pain, arthritis, diet, drugs and supplements.

I use it in the powder form - have been for last month or so.

My knees feel better, I can actually walk down stairs and hills without knees hurting.

I don’t know if it is the powder or the fact that I have stopped throwing or not squating, deadlifting or olympic lifting at the moment.

But a friend of mine uses it and she is distance runner and she reckons it works.

Nothing scientific

Yeh, it seems strange how that name came about. Suppose it should be called auto-immune arthritis?

Basicly its knee and elbow joints that hurt but its weird that if my right knee is in pain nothing else hurts but if my left knee starts hurting I cant feel anything on my right knee. On knees its the insides of the knee and elbows come and go depending on if elbows get hyper extended on training(subwrestling). This condition doesnt harm my training or everyday life so I havent got any deeper diagnose on it.I quess it just what you get from training some people are just more sensitive to get joint pains.

thanks for your info:clap:

You are right Richard, it says the same thing almost word4word in the medical dictionary here at work. The term rheumatoid arthritis is not a clever term then, because arthritis means specifically inflamation of the joint, while rheumatism is a general term, not specifying a cause of pain!?

i take a glucosamine and MSM in a liquid form. since it’s a liquid it’ll go to work quicker.

ian king recommends high does of anti-oxidants, glucosamine & chrondoitin, and essential fats

I heard the best type of glucosamine is equine version called consequine.

Each Level Scoopful (3.3 grams) contains: Cosequin Equine Powder
Glucosamine HCl 99+% 1800 mg
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 95%
Mixed Glycosaminoglycans 5% 600 mg
Ascorbate (as Manganese Ascorbate) 104 mg
Manganese (as Ascorbate) 16 mg

Recommendation as a Dietary Supplement
The initial administration period is 4 to 6 weeks, however recent studies using Cosequin have shown an early response, in most horses, by 2 weeks. The reponse usually improves if the initial amount is continued for an additional 4 weeks. If a horse shows little or no response after 30 days, extend initial amount for two more weeks.

Initial Administration
Average Horse - 3 level scoops AM & PM
Horses over 1,200 lb. - 4 level scoops AM & PM
Overly large horses (warmbloods, draft breeds) may need 4 or 5 scoops AM & PM

Transition Period
Do not lower amount until horse has begun to respond. After achieving a good response, reduce total daily amount by one level scoop each week. Gradually reducing the amount will help find an individual maintenance level. Watch the animal’s movement and attitude to ensure that it is feeling comfortable through each weekly transition.

Suggested Maintenance Administration
Average Horse - 1 level scoop AM & PM
Horses over 1,200 lb. - 2 level scoops AM & PM
Amount can be increased at any time to maintain desired comfort level. Two or three days prior to heavy workouts or competition, boost daily dosage back up to initial loading dose. Continue this level for two to three days after competition, then return to regular maintenance level.

Cosequin can be top dressed on sweet feed. Add a small amount of water or molasses to get the Cosequin to stick to dry feed. You may also administrate orally. Mix Cosequin with a small amount of water or molasses and dose orally with a syringe.

I would cut back on the dosage though for safety.

I forgot to mention, as t-bone stated, essential fats namely omega 3’s are very important in inflammatory disease inc arthritis. They help reduce inflammation and are also involved in the production of synovial fluid (joint lubrication).

Is it good to have chondroitin and MSM too or is just glucosamine sufficient. How about dosage; how many miligrams and when? And of course, what brand?