Gloop's training log

Thought I’d better start this as I’ve been neglecting records lately -

Standardised speed warm up ( this time only ) -
4 - 8 mins x - trainer
200 ab reps ( various - 2 x 5 x 20 )
Upper body warm up / Shoulder Rotation excercises with 5 kg bar
800m skip / jog
2 x 10 - 4 both forward & side leg swings
2 x 20m hi - knee steps
2 x 20m butt kicks
3 x 20m form skips ( unsure what kind - just used for warm-up / knee / arm height )
3 x 15m easy high knees
more leg swings / trunk twists as needed
2 x 60m mellow ins & outs
2 x 10m fast feet drills
10 pressups / tricep pressups
( no medball at present due to rotator cuff )
1 x 60m relaxed acceleration / form run 80%

2 x 100% f20’s with 8 - 10 mins - recovery which felt really good

1 x 100m with 20 mins recovery - which was a bit ropey for some reason - started off 100% then just cruised

1 x 150m 100% - this felt very good

In the gym I did -
10 mins mellow x-trainer warm down
5 - 10 mins stretching
200 ab reps ( various - 2 x 5 x 20 )
bench 5 - 3 - 5 - 60% / 80% / 60%
Shoulder press 1 x 5 70%
Good mornings 1 x 5 80%
Rev arm curl 1 x 5 80 %
Rev leg press 3 x 3 85%

30 g’s whey protein / 2 spoons honey
5 mins warm down / yoga / relaxation
medium warm bath / lower leg massage

Overall I think I got the amount right as I’m 6 days out from next comp - nothing hurts - yet / and I feel like although I went pretty fast - I could have gone faster . I restrained myself with the weights as want to stay fresh and I don’t wanna push the cuff to much .

Day off - Pretty tired - bodyweight has dropped another couple of lbs - 76kg (167lbs) now , but seems to be stabilising at last -
BF’s estimated @ 9 - 10% the six pack has made a return and fat is being lost easily now - TY Nightmare
I’ll just do some yoga & general mobility excersises today .

Diet update - Speed day
8.30 - 9.00 am
Two cups weak black T / 1 organic egg ( morning after speed )/ 20g’s whey / 1 banana / handful mixed nuts / 1 glucosamine cap
10.30 - 11.00
30 g’s tuna / DS sp flax oil / organic veg soup ( gazpacho etc ) / small salad / 1 apple
30 g’s 20 g’s low f cottage cheese
1.30 - 4.30 - Train - 1 cup of coffee Pre
G-push ( 1 satchet During ) / Post workout - 30’gs whey / 2 sp’s honey / 1 gluco cap
New potatoes / Salad / 30’gs tuna
30g’s Whey / 1 sp flax oil
9. 30
30g’s Whey / nuts / 1 gluco cap
1 egg / 10 g’s cottage cheese

  • 6 pints water with pure lemon juice to flavour throughout / tempo days 5pm meal with carbs moved pre training and post training meal will have a small amount of carbs
    Weekends - pretty much the same + 1 danish pastry / 1 bar galaxy choc / strawberries / 4 cookies lol / + mebbe a couple of buds / millers / glasses of wine spread throughout
    My housemate ‘Chopper’ had between 50 - 60 pints of lager in 3 days in Hamsterjam - and said - ‘it was only Heineken’ lol -
    I can’t believe that although I was more into spirits I used to do the same thing - I don’t miss those days at all - mind u I can’t remember them much

Today I did -
8 mins x-trainer warm up
500 ab reps
upper body warm up and mobility exercises
Full track warm up
4 x 100 with walk back recoveries @ 75%

Then paced my niece at her top speed through
2 x 80m ins an outs
4 x 50m F 20’s
2 x 60m

10 mins stretch down

I decided to stick to my plan and do some light speed today 2 days out from comp -

Usual warm up with 200 abs
Med ball -
10 overhead wall throws / 2 x 20 russian twists
chest passes ( wall ) 1 x 10 / 2 x 5 / 2 x 3 interspersed between reps
1 x 20m from blocks
2 x 30m ’ ’
1 x 80m - 30m medium build up - then fast but sub max 50m

Body feels quick - but hayfever and humidity made it seem like hard work .
Warm down and stretch lower body then -

200 abs
Rotator cuff excercises
bench 2 x 5 @ 80%
Shoulder press 2 x 5 @ 80%

Glad I kept it light - the weather could be a big factor on friday - we’re due storms , typical - so I might change from 100m to 200m as a psychological ploy -
If the track gets wet it gets slow whereas I can only PB in the 200m as I haven’t raced it for 28 years :smiley:

1 day to go and the fine weather might hold :smiley: - so it could be a 100m after all .

Very light gym session today just to make sure everythings tuned up and flexible -

20 mins intervals x - trainer
600 ab reps
mobility x 's & yoga
15 mins comfortable stretching

I’m looking forward to the race - just hope I can get all the hassles out of the way b 4 mid afternoon so I can chill out for a couple of hours and get me head straight .

That could take longer than hours

Woke up completely bushed from yesterdays brain strain revision and essay .

Felt physically fine but couldn’t get enthusiastic about the race which was a shame 'cos I had been looking forward to it . I sort of felt like I never turned up really - plus I got distracted by one of the senior women sprinters who seemed to have Jenny Adams glutes on loan

Anyway - didn’t do too bad - placed third @ 12.4 into a headwind -
the justified ancients of mu mu didn’t do me any favours with the time tho -
I got .3 slower than the bloke 2 feet in front and the same time as the guy a meter and a half behind who was understandably rather surprised and chuffed lol

Still next race is on saturday when I’ll be doing the 200m and the 100m relay - and I’m gonna get some focus back 4 that

I couldn’t be arsed to lift - so just warmed down with some abs and stretches , and I might do some squats & plyo’s tommorrow cos this sort of felt like the first session of the week - I’ll see how I feel

Well - I’m not sure if I did the right thang but today I did -
Warm up etc
5 x 80% Bench
2 x 3 60 kg squats & squat jumps
2 x 20m block starts
2 x 4 x 60m @ 75%
600 ab reps
5 x 75% bicep / tricep curls / flies

I actually felt understimulated b4 last nights race ( apart from the borrowed glutes lol ) and I just felt I needed something to rev me up acceleration wise for saturday .
It was actually quite a light session and altho I’ve never done hi-intensity stuff 2 days consecutively as a rule - I think psychologically its been the right thing and the low volume shouldn’t have done any damage .

Roll on saturday - I’m doing the 200m and 4 x 100m relay .

Minimal gym session -
20 mins x-trainer
500 abs
stretching / mobility

Not sure if yesterdays starts were such a good idea lol - live an learn I guess
I’ve eaten extra salads and fruit 2day I’m gonna have a large bar of chocolate Col Jackson style and get an early night in

Well thurday’s squats / plyo’s / starts session may have payed off - 'cos I got two blinding starts in both my events :smiley:

200m - 2nd 25.4 PB
4 x 100m relay 2nd

I ran out of steam a bit from 150m - this may have been down to too good a start or mebbe even the thurs session - dunno
But I beat my previous self timed 25.88 from last year so progress is being made and 25.4 pretty much ties in with my mercier calc 4 60m @ 7.8.

I’m wondering what speed end I could do for more strength - mebbe 3 x 250m at 90%?

Day off - gonna stuff myself and watch the International meet on BBC

Thinking back yesterday was quite amusing - badly organised tho -
an official measuring long jump nearly got hit by a hammer cos the nets were too low
a guy false started in the 100 and stopped but the rest weren’t recalled and the race continued -
and In the relay I was given lane 8 and the rest of my team were given lane 5 - fortunately someone spotted it in time lol

Achilles was tight / sore today so I limited my tempo to -

20 mins x-trainer
3 mins rowing
600 bs ab reps
upper body flexibility
20 mins stretching

It now feels fine - I would have liked to have got on the track for at least a full warm up - but I made the right decision

100m / 200m races tomorrow night - just hope the wind / rain stays off

Good decision to rest achilles gloop. well done on your 200m pb :clap:


Cheers lenny -
I was hoping for a shot at @ a pb tonite too - but the rain is falling down lol - so I’ll see it as speed end and a practice at holding form under pressure

Which league are you in Gloop? My club had a meet saturday as well.

Nice job Gloop!!!

Southern mens League div 5 I think - we were at Tooting last Sat

Well I got lucky with the weather again :smiley:
2 more PB’s -

12.2 HT 100m 2nd place ( some ginger haired urchin just nicked it by a vest ) and
25.2 HT 200m 3rd place by .1 to another urchin sneaking thru in lane 8 who just pipped the Snr Womens Sprinter I had been admiring last week .

It looks like I got my plan for these last 3 meets fairly accurate .

My form held till 95m in the 100m and to 180m in the 200m @ which point some unseen force took control of my body and made me start running like a puppet lol -

I must admit I found lane two a bit extreme but I had a visual incentive in lane 5 :smiley: which I’m sure helped -

I don’t mind being beaten by women if I get a PB , and if they use the whips gently

Cheers Tim

Decided not to train today - instead I shall bask in the glory of my new PB’s and go see a movee :smiley: , an forget the essays too

Seriously - I think rewards are important - I’ve been working my bllx off lately physically and mentally so even tho I feel fine to train - I’ll enjoy it all the more tomorrow .

Wednesday caught up with me today - and I was too rushed to get any track tempo in so -
20 mins x-trainer
400 ab reps
flexibilty x’s and stretching .

Finished another SA which passed :smiley: - and found out I might be able to get a place at uni this year after all - ( which I’m sure would save me from jail :smiley: )

Can’t wait for track tomorrow - just popped my ZMA - how longs this stuff take to kick in ?