Glen Mills the first coach to.....

Mills great. John Smith just as great.

Any info out there on John Smith training?

Ato’s log and a few articles.

Chris; here are some of the drills Winter used, his book So you want to be a Sprinter is available.

  1. High Knees Drill on grass to 30m
  2. High Knees with foreleg reach
  3. Stand tall, go up on toes, run in place, lean forward and stride out
  4. Ankle drill; on grass, lock ankle, hop on one leg just flipping the ankle, turn around and use other leg.
  5. Relaxation Test; when in top shape have a 20m accel zone, sprint 30m @ 7/8’s speed concentrating on relaxation of face, shoulders, hands and proper lean.

Much appreciated. I’ll have to purchase that

from a friend -

  1. Use high knee action
  2. Use good foreleg reach
  3. Run high on toes
  4. Have good arm action
  5. Maintain good forward lean
  6. Bound forward, not up
  7. Run tall, with back straight
  8. Be relaxed, with loose jaw and loose hands

I find it funny that information that Charlie prescribed over 15 years ago in CFTS gets recycled and reclaimed! All these things are mentioned in the Sprint Technique part on pages 15 and 16.

Well bud winter Coached starting in the 1940s so I doubt he stole anything from charlie

Everyone takes from others Jason; Bud Winter coached from 1940-1970, he and Gerard Mach were doing drills
before anyone knew what drills were; Winter had a corps of sprinters in the 60’s known as “Speed City”, their results in the Olympic Games wasn’t too shabby.

Will they sell books/dvd’s on their online store - I’m sure they would be in high demand. LOL

I hope IKH can share his information - he trained under John…

Nah man. You have to use your deductive reasoning skills and I’m not being condescending. Look at the log and then the notes kebab Tolbert had and some old John smith interviews and you can figure out what he’s doing. It’s easy to see the progression. For example the 5x300 in gpp goes:
5x300 for a few weeks then
3x60, 4x300
4x60, 3x300
5x60, 2x300
6x60, 1x300 or 2x200
Then they went into indoor comp. That’s day 1 over 6 weeks or so.

Are these sessions running or lifting?
11/30 bench
10 X 160 (70%)
12/1 OFF
12/2 squats
5 X 340 (80%)
12/3 incline bench
12 X 150 (70%)

Does this sound accurate?

John Smith takes 2-3 weeks to get people back into the flow of things. Smith actually breaks everything down and starts from scratch from the beginning. So while people are doing tempo for conditioning there are workouts (weekly) like 15X30m or 5X10+4X20+3X30+2X40 working on getting the drive phase going (right), and during this time there are 300’s gradually harder and 8-9X200’s extensive tempo. Then, starting in January, there are 60m sessions and 200-300 fast.

The weights is just the exercise name. The other stuff are the runs. The actual log has more description from Ato. Those runs you listed were on grass. One may have been uphill. One reason they were doing that was because UCLA’s stadium was having work done on it and I’m sure because it was early season.

Sounds close. The starts…there is rarely a volume listed but they are usually labelled as “easy” days. I noticed that as the 60’s start to replace more of the longer runs the next day of starts seems to be shorter. The closer to indoor competition Ato seemed to do 10m starts mostly and less 20m and 30m starts. I am just going by my intuition and observation. Never talked to anyone who has trained there repeatedly unless lkh did.

Kool, I’ll always stay with CFTS simple and str to the point…

Notes from a John smith lecture

With all due respect, Mr Mills did not come up with his training ideas on his own. Secondly, Mr. Mills lives in JAMAICA where he can pull from concentrated pool of talent. And lastly, the Jamaican culture supports track and field in the way that the United States supports football.

That said, it’s obvious as to why Mr. Mills is successful.

Sounds like you got some hate in those words. So any coach would’ve taken bolt from 20. To the world record in the 1 and 2 because bolt is talented? Mills should leave jamaica and prove himself in another country to show you? Jamaica is still a poor country. Comparing them to the us in anything is ludacris.

So the coach for David rudishia happened to coach multiple 800 meter wr holders and Olympic medalists. I guess he is that good a coach because he has a concentrated pool of talent, and Africa supports the 800 the way the US supports football? Am I correct