Giving Wendy's The Finger

THIS is a new thread, continuing the bizarre story which Rupert first posted in the “humour” thread, and which has been updated as events unfolded…
SAN JOSE, California, May 18 - The man accused of buying the human finger that ended up in a bowl of chili in a Californian fast food restaurant made no bones about what he planned to do with it, according to new court documents.
Jaime Plascencia, the husband of the woman who allegedly planted the severed two-centimetre tip, allegedly paid a workmate who had lost it in an on-the-job accident last December.
He told the injured man that he planned to plant it in some food at a restaurant and then sue.
The worker, identified as Brian Rossiter, will not be charged in the alleged finger-in-the-chili hoax that happened three months after his accident.
Plascencia was arrested in Las Vegas on May 4 and remains in jail there.
It was on a construction job there that Plascencia’s co-worker lost part of his right ring finger on December 20.
``Plascencia subsequently purchased the injured co-worker’s detached finger, and advised that he intended to use the finger to create a lawsuit by planting the finger in food at an undisclosed restaurant,’’ according to San Jose police officer Jose Martinez in an an affidavit filed today.
On March 22, Plascencia’s wife, Anna Ayala was having dinner at a Wendy’s restaurant with her San Jose in-laws when she said she had chomped down on the fingertip.
She hired an lawyer and filed a claim against Wendy’s, only to drop it about two weeks later after a wave of publicity.
Also today Ayala had a count of conspiracy added to a list of charges against her.
If convicted of all of the charges, Ayala, 39, faces nearly 10 years in prison.
She’s been held in custody since police arrested her on April 21 at the Las Vegas home she shares with Plascencia.
A request to reduce the $US500,000 bail demand against her was denied by Judge Jerome Nadler.