Give Me a Challenge!!!

Rapsmvp issued a challenge for me not to miss a single workout for 6 weeks. and today i completed that challenge and now next week i will be deloading.

i feel i work best when issued challenges compared to making my own goals. if i have a challenged made by someone else, i know i have complete it. and through the challenge, i made a couple little goals.

so i would like someone to issue me another challenge, except make it different to raps 6 week challenge. if a few post, i will choose 1.

thanks guys

I challenge you to make your own challenge! :smiley:

For you to progress, you need to be self-motivated. Noone is going to be next to you for every rep, set, workout issuing challenges.

Get some before the end of the week (puntang) :).

make the next olympic team in your chosen event.I CHALLENGE YOU! this should keep you busy if thats the way you want to play

Post a 10m start and a 10m fly from seperate sessions in the video sections. I want to see technique v’s effort.


There are fun runners and there are athletes. Fun runners run. Athletes compete!

The season must have started there by now or be extremely close.

i challenge you to eat your own head

100m, 9.75

Get good enough in your best event for it to mean something, like getting you into university or a free trip somewhere to compete as part of a team.

Or did you want an easy one?

any great trip requires you to eat your eliphant one mouthfulll at a time.
if somebody, whoever finnishes off a training goal with succuss, then when they get to the track for a race, success should follow.
Dont make races your place of goals, do your goals in training, then on the start line of a race, your confidence will be ten fold, and relaxation will rain supreme.

Wow, lol, ima use that as my motto :smiley:

You want a challenge… Find a frickin’ physiotherapist or trainer that works at a university/college that doesn’t soley rely on stim, ice and ultrasound for treatment of injuries. There’s a challenge!

Welcome to my world!