Girls High Jump

Two years ago I had the pleasure of watching a 14 year old girl jump 1.73. This year she jumped 1.82 at the BC highschool champs as a 16 year old (having been 16 for two weeks).
She jumped 1.84 indoors as a 15-year old.

How does this stack up against the world?

It is outstanding.

Now the trick is getting her to a college program that will continue to develop her. UToronto or Coach Ste.Hillare in the MTL area. I have seen clips of M. Mason and he still cant run an approach right despite recent success and even after leaving the states to move back to BC so go east young woman… Or come to the states as they will be knocking on your door shortly…

She’s not my athlete - I was just curious after watching her in some local meets, but I certainly wish the best for her. She’s an extremely gracious and humble person.