Ghost For Sale On Ebay

HOBART, Indiana, Dec 4 AP - An American woman’s effort to assuage her six-year-old son’s fears of his grandfather’s ghost :eek: by selling it on eBay has drawn more than 34 bids with a top offer of $US78 .
Mary Anderson said she placed her father’s ghost'' on the online auction site after her son, Collin, said he was afraid the ghost would return someday. Anderson said Collin has avoided going anywhere in the house alone since his grandfather died last year. In a description titled This isn’t a joke’’, Anderson told Collin’s story on eBay: I always thought it was just normal kid fears until a few months ago he told me why he was so scared. He told me 'Grandpa died here, and he was mean. His ghost is still around here!''' Lest the boy's fears scare off potential bidders, Anderson added: My dad was the sweetest most caring man you’d ever meet.’’
Some of the prospective buyers have posted their own messages.
Your story brought tears to my eyes,'' one bidder said. I just wonder how this will turn out for your son. I’m sure his grandfather loved him very much.’’
Anderson also put her father’s metal walking cane up for auction so she would have something to actually send the winning bidder. The proceeds from the auction will go to buy Collin a special present, she said.
Anderson makes one special request of the winner bidder: ``I would like to ask you to write a letter after you’ve received the cane (and the ghost) to my son letting him know that he’s there with you and you’re getting along great.’’
The bidding is due to close on Tuesday.