Getting your mind right.

I represent a WHL player/NHL prospect and I was wondering what, besides constant encouragement can be done to boost a very modest/shy players moral.

My athlete is incredibly talented and is on one of the teams tipped to go all the way to the memorial cup this season.



Hello Rupert,

It is my strongest recommendation that your athlete perform an extensive investigation of autogenics and ideomotor techniques.

Therein lies the answer.

Thanks for the reply James,

Is autogenics something you would expect to be led by a doctor, or can the sessions once properly prescribed/learnt can be done at home?


The practice of autogenics can absolutely be performed solo in the comfort of ones chosen surroundings.

Dr. Thomas Kurz does a fine job, to name only one source, of outlining psychological preparation routines in his text “Science of Sport Training”

Hey James, what did you think when Verkho said that Kurz’s book was crap via the phone (Chicago UAC Verk/Yessis seminar in like 2004)? Misunderstanding?

I have come to learn that varied accomplished individuals from overseas have, for one reason or another, less than favorable opinions of one another’s work.

I have first hand information regarding this topic; however, this is not something that I wish to discuss.

What’s important to maintain is that we must continually examine the efficacy of any information that we review- regardless of the source.

I state this because the information, regarding our professions, and regardless of how ground breaking or novel it may be, is only as meaningful as any given situation allows for it to be practically applied and, subsequently, yield positive results.

I am adamant about developing my critical thinking capacity, and all things related to coaching, because our only chance, as coaches, to assist our athletes in their attainment of sport mastery is to possess the capacity to scrutinize the literature and perfect the practice our craft.

My largest criticism of the sport training industry here in the US is directly rooted in what I believe to be the wide spread inability of coaches to perform the aforementioned tasks.


Ok, so where do I start with my guys?


PS: Agreed on high level scraps-indifference and all out theft of intellectual property (I know you didn’t say that part!)…its a very small street.

I suggest page 277 of “Science of Sport Training”

A small street indeed.

Can someone tip me off as to what these words mean beyond a quick google search and how prevalent of a use they have?

I must say I asked a few psych grad students and they were also oblivious to these words, perhaps its more in the sports than the psych side of things.

Hi Rupert,
autogenics is fine, but needs time, effort, persistence etc.
In the situation you presented, I’d suggest hypnosis with a SKILLED hypnotherapist (please note the capital letters). Being skilled makes all the the difference in the world.

Thank you for your post S|V,

I’ll discuss this with my players and the teams I work with an advise.