Getting hotter!!!

its getting hotter guys,check out this link

the more i think of it, the more i realise that the british press are blowing TM way out of proportion.good on you tim,go for it and trash DC…

were soon going to have to make up a nickname for chambers…
speaking of nicknames…
where has Dr. Doolittle been? He still has the fastest 200 time in the world 20.08. and opened up a few weeks ago with an exeptional 100 as well. when is Crawford running next?

Isn’t Shaun Crawford injured, or at least the last i heard he was???

Did u notice that when T-Mont lost his 1st race the BBC proclaimed, “Montgomery has gotten off to the worst start possible” but even though Chambers only got 3rd in a relatively pedestrian time of 10.19s they say it’s promising!

It is the way it is in individual sports. The athletes pro get the most critics. Just like everyone is in love with Lennox Lewis, if he gets beat by Tyson if they ever fight agian. People who don’t even know jack abot the sport will say hes finish he crap. But they don’t know what it takes to step in a ring.
And with MAURICE GREENE one 1 one, under par season and he is slamed with"he’s finish" this is just stupid talk. People think everything is a ROCKY STORY.


Nothing like the British Press - except everyone else’s!