Getting back into soccer

I am currently a freshman in college, and recently decided to stop doing track. I thought this would be the end of sports for me, but I decided to change my mind. I want to go out for soccer again.

I played soccer from age 4 to 14. I stopped then to focus on other sports. But, now I want back in, and to go not for just fun. I want to get on a college team or even better.

So, I was curious; how one could go about doing this? I will go out this weekend, and go buy and soccer ball and some cleats, and practice drills, shooting, and juggling again. I also am looking to get on an intramural thing (its indoor soccer, but it works) to practice playing with others. Problem is the season doesn’t start for a while.

But, anyways, do most soccer teams hold tryouts to join the team for college? Also, what would usually occur at those tryouts, and what does the coach look for usually? How could I have an advantage/edge in getting the coaches attention in a good way?

Anything on this would be great, and I would really appriciate any help.

Someone here must know something on this subject. If anyone could help, I would really appriciate it.

The better the team the less chance it will be a situation where anyone can show up and trial. Either they have trials or you need to know someone who can get you in the squad for a bit so the coach can have a look at you pre-season.

Trials will just be stuff like possession games and drills. Maybe a full field game. Again this depends on the level of the team.

My advice to you is to find your position and specialise to make you a unique player that stands out and will contribute to the team. For example if you play forward work on your positioning, your acelleration, close control, and shot the most. Working on all aspects of your game is good, you gotta have the basic skills but still specialise in your position.

Also physical advantages can help. A coach can more readily increase the skill of a player than their athletic ability. Being fast and strong helps so much it feels almost like you are cheating lol. So work on your speed.