Get Out - What a sprinter should avoid...

After read lot of articles about what sprinters doesn´t need to enhance your performance ( or what they need to get in trouble ),
i came here to ask some pearls ( myth ) that we read in somewhere.

Those i can remember;

  • A sprinter must avoid long running at low speed;
  • Never sprint carring extra weight;
  • No down-hills running;
  • No soccer…
    any other contribution ?

the list goes on, but who really cares about ?!

Why should a sprinter avoid low speed? I’d say tempo is low speed …

I’m thinking he meant distance running at very low speeds over a long period of time

Avoid having 3 or more girlfriends at one time. :stuck_out_tongue:

He is right,
i mean long running or continuous running at very low speed ( like jogging over 20 minutes ).

Jogging, perhaps. But there are quite a few top sprinters who do long runs for 20-30min … not all like them, but they still do them.

Past week,
i saw one long distance runner doing some drills as warm-up,
well, i was over 100m distance, but he looked very fast to me.

BTW, where did you get this information ?

I know a few top sprinters :slight_smile: and a few former top sprinters.

from the initail list i would not rule out any of them.all canbe used in moderation and with proper coaching such canbe used very successfully

That´s the point here,
maybe i should change the topic title to:
Get IN & OUT,
because, all the “prohibited” is usefull in some part of the sprint career.
But i guess the volume of these works get low as you increase in your career, even more, when you get the speed.

Well, when I think about my level of “speed” doing tempo over 300-400 meter at 70-75% means I’m actually running the same speed like top 10k or even marathon runners. So, yes they look fast to me, too :wink:

(10k in 30 min is approx. 25 rounds at 72secs)