Get it right

Organising Olympic Games is a complex and challenging venture. To get it right, the Organising Committees (OCOGs) have to take into account that the staging of the Games goes beyond the athletes, venues and competitions. Each OCOG has to have a clear vision for the Games and what legacy it wants to leave. A 360° sustainability check includes issues concerning the environment; the integration of social minorities; the use of venues after the Games; respect for athletes from other cultures and religions; its role as a socially respected employer; a clean supply chain; and the full integration of educational and cultural elements in the programme.
Vancouver 2010is a good example. In this video, key people from the Vancouver Organising Committee (VANOC) explain how important it is to them to demonstrate good governance, illustrated by concrete examples in the field of the environmental protection as part of a sustainability strategy. At the end of the day, it is the credibility of the Olympic Games that is at stake. For this reason, there will be an in-depth debate on these topics at the Olympic Congress in Copenhagen, which takes place from 3-5 October 2009. Good governance is key for the Olympic Movement as it is ultimately judged on this.

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