Gerard March's Manual

Does anyone know of a place I can buy Gerard Mach’s manual (“Sprints and Hurdles”)?

Maybe Angela knows of someone? Thanks! =)

did you have any luck finding it? I am looking too and saw it somewhere that you can download but it’s a site I haven’t heard of called Mark’s web of books.

I am trying to find a way to share this manual. It might give some of you insight into the thinking behind some of Charlie’s views. Charlie has been open about who influenced him when and why. You can read about that in Speed Trap and or the manual.
I have had some things going on in the past two years and while my list of many priority items is finally shrinking getting in touch with Gerrard and speaking with him face to face will not be a small task.
Thank you for your nudge.
Point taken.
Best regards,
Angela Coon

Mach’s Manuel in PDF form can be downloaded from the internet for free!

thanks oldspeeder.

Old speeder, my email address is; I would appreciate it if you sent me the manual, thank you.

Old speeder if you be so kind, much appreciated


I would appreciate if you could also send it to me at Thanks…

Loo of me too please. thanks

Watch out - you may be breaking rules… That manual was posted on this site before…

please send me one copy!

What rules sharing knowledge?

I’m sure the manual wasn’t free - you wouldn’t want someone stealing your products…

Book has been out of print for years and is not readily available for purchase. If Mach was concerned about making more money off it it would at least be on amazon.

There are places that still sell the manual - I saw it online several months… South Flordia boys - what’s going on at A&M with the band crew…

Please send me a copy thanks.

I understand how great the temptation is to reproduce information via this forum. Historically there were strong objections to private messaging as a means to support sharing copy written information.
I do not support stealing other people’s information.
Gerard was a friend, a coach and a mentor Charlie held in high regard.
Charlie had great respect for Gerard.
When Charlie had respect for others it influenced how he conducted himself.

Thank you…

While I understand your point of view, is there a link to purchase this info? If not I’ll gladly make a donation to the Mach if needed.

For your information, Mach’s Manuel is out of print, but it can be downloaded via the internet if you look hard enough, perhaps as Chris mentions, it should be placed on sale again via Amazon, pay for print or sites such as Alibris?