Gerard Mach's Book

Do you know if Gerard Mach controls the copyright to his sprinting manual that was published by the CTFA? If he does, do you think you could talk him into making an ebook version of it available on this web site? I was lucky enough to get a copy from Derek Hansen, but I think there are a lot of people on this board that would love to read it, and I think it would provide a lot of coaches and athletes with a solid foundation in addition to your books. Like I’ve said before, Gerard’s book provides more solid training advice in 50 pages than most books that are hundreds of pages long, and unlike the other material currently available, Gerard’s methods have withstood the test of time.

That’s a good idea. i’ll see what he thinks next time I see him. In the meantime, I think Derek still has some hard copies left. Interested parties can contact to contact him.

Flash - What a great idea.

You would have a captive audience. Good read until charlie finishes his book :slight_smile:
I know your a busy man Charlie and I’m not having a go.

I’m about to email info. But it would be easier to buy the ebook than hardcopy and what for the post.

Charlie’s training methods are a refinement of Gerard’s, the biggest refinement being the elimination of the intermediate intensity work (intensive tempo). When you read Gerard’s book, you can clearly see the roots of Charlie’s system. And the book has many sequential diagrams illustrating A and B drills, which everyone has been asking about, as well as medicine ball exercises.

Charlie recently stated that when he started coaching he just used a couple of Gerard’s workouts and went from there. I think this would be a great starting point for any coach or athlete, in combination with the ideas on this forum and Charlie’s books. In addition, as you read Gerard’s book you realize that sound sprint training methods have been around for decades and there really isn’t anything revolutionary under then sun, just minor refinements accumulated over time. This lesson might help new coaches and athletes from falling for the latest fads.

what is the name of the book? thanks all

Sprints and Hurdles
by Gerard Mach