George Bush Works Out

Check this link and click on the video with the White House.

Pretty damn cool.

I see he trains when his T levels are highest too - first thing in the morning …


Lol, I just saw on SNL that Pres Bush has put on 6lb. He vows to lose it.

I thought maybe it was muscle.

As far as Pres Bush being in good shape, I’d take Pres Putin any day of the week to kick his dumb ass.

Plook awesome avatar!!! Napolean Dynamite is one of my top 10 favorite movies!!

It comes out on DVD on Tues. I hope I’ve been a good boy this year cuz I need my Napoleon.

“Randy, why don’t you go find your Grandma or somethin, you’re buggin the heck outta me…God…Idiot!!!”


Bush at War by Bob Woodward.


"At the State Department, Richard Armitage was moving around his large suite of seventh floor offices like a fullback looking for a hole in the defensive line. President Bush had recently asked Armitage, who was well known for his obsessive weight lifting, what he was bench pressing these days. Armitage answered, “330/6,” which meant 330 pounds, six repetitions in a row. At his peak, years earlier, Armitage had pressed 440.

That’s good, the president had replied. I doing 205 pounds. Isn’t that the best for any president?

Yes, Armitage had replied, he thought it must be."

205 pounds…and this was in 2001. Not so bad for a guy in his 50’s, who has kind of a demanding job. LOL. Makes you wonder what excuses any of the rest of us have.

Bush used to work out at the University of Texas and got ART therapy from Mark Lindsay, a Canadian Chiro who treated Donovan Bailey.