Geir Moen

Seeing as tomorrow is Norways Independence Day (national day) i have got a question for you regarding a norwegian sprinter.
Did anyone ever watch Geir Moen in his prime? And how was his running like?
Thank you.

Yes I watched him. He was running fast. And smooooooth. I have watched him live, too. In Florø.

VG ,what would you know of smooth - your a soccerplayer:P

Thor, what do you know of smooth, you’re a asphalt runner :devil:

Today i ran a smooth 6.9 handtimed - barefoot:clap:
With spikes i run 7.3…


Just goes to show that my timer knows what he is doing, where others just anticipate…


GM is a tall guy.i remember watching him run against regis and GM made him look very small height-wise.good 200m sprinter and mechanically ok

Geir Moen running against some wellknown sprinters.

He`s running as the others said…smooth…he is about 1.90cm.
He ran in the heat before me twice last year…seemed like a good person with booth feets on the ground…