Gay groin surgery successful

Gay undergoes successful surgery
Eurosport - Sat, 24 Oct 22:45:00 2009

World 100 metres silver medallist Tyson Gay has successfully undergone surgery on a painful groin problem that hampered him during much of the athletics season.

His manager Mark Wetmore said minor surgery had taken place on both sides of Gay’s groin in Philadelphia on Friday.

“The doctor (William Meyers) was really, really happy with the surgery and Tyson should start walking today,” Wetmore said.

He said the American sprinter should be able to start light training in December after a month’s rehabilitation and be fully recovered in time for next year’s outdoor season.

Gay, 27, began experiencing problems with his groin in July but continued to run saying the injury was more painful when he sat down or walked than when he ran.

The American finished second to Jamaican Usain Bolt’s 100 metres world record 9.58 seconds at the World Championships in Berlin in August but did not attempt to defend his 2007 world 200 title because of pain from the groin.

He later equalled the second-fastest 100 metres of all time when he clocked a national record 9.69 seconds in Shanghai in September.

Wetmore said negotiations for Gay’s participation in the new Diamond League circuit next year were continuing.

Both Gay and Bolt are likely to run a mixture of 100 and 200 metres on the world circuit.

“The idea is to have both run seven (Diamond League) meets, possibly even eight with a couple of a match-ups between the two throughout the year,” Wetmore said. "And to put those match-ups on the calendar early.

“The plan is to have that done by the IAAF Gala (on November 22 in Monaco),” said Wetmore, who is also the organiser for the Diamond League’s New York meeting.

They want to wrap up the two main draws so all the rest have no negotiating position at all.

Yep, and I bet nobody - not even at the IAAF - have even thought of that yet. Primarily they want to make a globally attractive product they can flog to sponsors and TV.

The two main draws being Gay & Bolt, but by the rest, do you mean the other athletes or the other meet promoters/organizers?

Both, mostly - as well as the IAAF. But they will wake up to things soon. The consequences for the downscaling of fees for the minor players in the field will be an afterthought I suspect, but maybe I’m just naive and the IAAF are much more devious in their funding strategies.

Bottom line anyway is: You got No. 1 and No. 2 in history, the camera will concentrate on them and the other lanes will be out of focus anyway. The other lanes might be filled by locals heroes in whichever country the Diamond League meets are conducted.

Wonder how Asafa Powell must feel after being sidelined in negotiations.

Still, it only takes one great run and Powell or whomever can write themselves (back) into the picture.