Gatlin's 'new technique'

Imagine if he had been competing this whole time. Bolt, Gay, Powell, Gatlin all in an Oly or WC final. Crazy!

When is he running?

No comeback. He is not making one physically or with meets for obvious reasons.

Trevor was not a decent coach. Who here spent more than a few day with him? Talent and other factors.

That is all.


Randy great clip.

justin got caught and paid his dues…let him run and hope he matches the rest of these guys. highly unlikely but go for it

***what happened to the 911…the masieratti stinks

J-Gat does not look fit in that video. Bodyfat levels look too high.

Not any fatter than Dix.

His start technique is most troublesome to me, terrible.

I like Gatlin and hope he succeeds.

I know, and now Jaguar came out with a car model that looks just like it…

Dix has always been big. Gatlin wasn’t like that in 2004-2005.

Wowzers… Damn, I should be a track athlete.

I thought 100m athletes were getting out to 40yds in around 3.7 - 4sec’s flat.

I like Gatlin too.

probably not run in spikes on a track, and gatlin would leave probably all nfl players in the dust anywhere after 4o yds

I wonder if it was hand timed or electronic, either way I wish I could get some of my athletes(football players to see what all of you guys are saying) to really see that a 40yd dash is not a true test of speed.

From what I hear I wouldn’t expect much more than 10.2-10.1. He’s not very disciplined. Regardless I wish him well as rightly or wrongly he will bring a spark (much like Chambers did) even if it’s short lived.

Yeah, just follow him on twitter, he always talking about hanging here going to the club all kind of bullshit. Gotta live life but I would have thought he would be doing less of that.

Anyone can type all types of bullsht on Twitter…it makes the competition think you’ve gone soft. I wish Gatlin the best on his return. As for the Maserati…he should have gone for the Granturismo!

If we go by what we could see on the video (and that’s all I have seen of him recently), I reckon he must be dreaming of running sub-10 any time soon (or ever). In Chambers’ eyes you could see true determination. Preparation and hard work seem to be paying off. Chambers is not philosophising about being a boy etc. He pulled his head in and is doing what he is supposed to be doing. If Gatlin’s training partner is a step ahead of him in training (I do not even know who he is), I am surprised of hearing Gatlin talk about how he is thinking of being a competitive runner and in the bunch with the rest. Talking about his pinkie and $hit!?! Is this guy for real? :slight_smile:

What were Chambers’ times when he started running again? 10.2-10.4, right? That was about 3-4 yrs. ago! I took him a bit to get to sub-10, don’t you think? I reckon Gatlin will need to settle for that.

Enlightening observation there… lol

Nobody on the world is worried about gatlin.

Chamber’s came back with a 10.07 in Gateshead in 2006.

Gatlins training partner in those runs is Ryan Moseley who now runs for Austria.

Hm his former teammate who he trained with at Graham told me is in 9.8x shape. And i’ve read on other forums that Gat is in sub10 shape.
We’ll see what he’s going to run.