Gatlin with Seagrave in Fla.

cool, would be great! :slight_smile:

Rana Reider used to be the jumps coach at Florida.

The thing I’ll never understand in american sports is how one can earn so much money, and be broke the year after…with all the money he got in 2004 2005, I could live comfortably for at least 20 years…

I was going to ask the same question but then I’ve read your response. I could not agree more. Even if he had to pay his lawyers he would not have spent it all on them to be in a situation where he would rely on the unemployment benefits.

I guess lifestyle plays a big role in it as well as being from “spending” nation, and not “saving” nation.

We could take Mike Tyson as well. You really have to be either reckless or dumb to blow $300M and go bust. With one million dollars one could live comfortably without working a single day for the rest of his life (an in a western country).

Yes Sevastocrator…when I hear such stories I’'ll kindly advise them to go work in a copper mine…or wherever similar…maybe they’ll appreciate more what they got. I do not want to be a populist or something like that, I adimire athletes in general for what they have from below the neck…Never envyed one for what is over …

NAw these athletes have to live like the rappers they see on tv. Even if most of the rappers are putting on a front for the camera. Some people just cant handle money.

Doesn’t this just reflect the rest of society? I mean the savings rate in the US and other western countries has been declining rapidly and has actually gone negative in some instances.

lol, and many people (including myself at one point) think that image is real. I found out in the initial stages of people like Jayz and biggie the jewelry, homes and other lavish things were all RENTED!!

As far as the guys who can afford it, I think they are crazy to wear 200k of jewelry in the streets. It’s a good way to loose your life because somebody WILL jack you for it.

It does. The U.S. economy is based on spending and consumption! Conversely, the Asians do a VERY good job in saving their money and starting businesses that we all patron in one way or the other. I met some VERY wealthy Asians in California and I can assure you they are in a league of their own as far as handling money.

A good book to read about all this is The Millionaire Next Door.

I saw a really good documentary on Mike Tyson. MT just was not capable to handle money like that (which is not a problem if you have good people around you).

Anyhow, what screwed him was when he switched to the scum don king and then got involved with Mrs. Givens the gold digger.

Sometimes you just can’t do it all, I mean, MT in the “89” shape was the greatest fighter EVER (yea, he was!) and he got to that point partly because HE DID NOTHING ELSE BUT PRACTICE BOXING so it’s just sad to see that after his first mentor died nobody could step in to look after him and his money.

Remember also that boxing is a shady dirty business anyway…

You clearly don’t understand the magnitude of legal hassles put in front of Gatlin (and anyone else) in a bid to return. Legal bills can easily top 200,000 a month when fighting a case. How long can that be sustained? This is why the individual is so weak relative to a big organization with TV revenue that can make up the rules as they go along. His choice was to husband his winnings and stay out permanently or try to come back. The probable best choice was to stay out but wishful thinking coupled with advice from those who will send him a big bill if he fights influence things.

In Gatlin case you may be right, but there are so many sportsman who got broke…even without issues with the law…( well, often other issues…no sporting ones)…to Gatlin , good luck!!

Charlie, I am well aware how high legal bills could go. The issue here is;

You clearly don’t understand the magnitude of legal hassles put in front of Gatlin (and anyone else) in a bid to return

You and I are equally speculating whether Gatlin has spent xxx (less) or xyz (more) on the legal bills. I do not know the figure. Do you?

Blowing over a million USD and going broke tells me a lot about Gatlin or anyone for that matter. I do not have anything against him but I do not feel sorry (financially) for him at all. I would feel the same for anyone else who could blow such amount or more.

I am familiar with legal costs because I work for some of the top Lawyers in Canada and US costs will not be lower. Try to work out the hours required to fight for years as Gatlin has done to get back. First he was banned forever, then 7 years ,then, well who knows. Every step requires a legal response and many follow ups to get a counter-response from an opponant with deep pockets that hopes Gatlin will curl up and die to save them from reinstating him and, with it, the embarassment of reminding the public that they made him a poster boy as the new “clean” athlete, proving drugs are unnecessary before it all went to hell.

Lawyers----better not start tallking …keeping the thread on, I remember gatlin form hi old tennessee days, and I hope his running form will be as smooth as then…sprint capitol days left him faster and stronger for sure…but imho not as technically sound as he was in college.

Have we jumped to conclusions or blythely accepted as truth whatever was written in the original article claiming Gatlin is broke?

A mate told me yesterday that he had been speaking to one of Gatlin’s coaches who told him Justin has been attending training in a masserati or ferrari. My mate couldn’t recall with certainty when I pressed him, but it was a super hot sportscar and he thought it was either or.
Then again, maybe Gatlin put his money into the car instead of a roof over his head, which really would be ridiculous.

People who don’t know much about sports cars always assume it’s a “Ferrari”. I’m guessing it’s the same Porsche he bought a few years ago which is probably a GT2. You don’t see GT2’s on the road THAT much. Another guess woud be a Carrera GT, because it does look like a mix of a Ferrari or a Masserati but that car is 500k!!:eek:

When Josh Ross first made the scene here as a sprinter Mitsubishi sponsored him with a hot looking Lancer, last time I spoke to him Mercedies were going to sponsor him with one of their sports cars. Gatlin was a lot faster so I assume he would have got a sponsorship with a car, all I wanted was a supra, ha.

As much as I have picked on LS I know he is a thinking coach and as a team they should go well, lord knows we need a couple of more quick runners and the saying is white men can’t run - or was it can’t jump.

Well…Ocho Cinco had checks refused, but made his own SUV out of a bus…

A supra… Yea they are quick… A second generation caught up to me after I left him at the stoplight in a 5.0. That was not suppose to happen…lol

Wait till i get my ISf