Gatlin v. Powell in Gateshead

I’m going to make a call on the race and say that Asafa wins in 9.88.

To be honest, if Gatlin has the lead at any point during the race I can’t see Powell running through the tape and finishing second, he just doesn’t have the heart for it. So I say Asafa wins, but if Gatlin is winning, Asafa will pull up. :rolleyes:

Interesting, It will not be a WR race most likely. If Gatlin is ahead at 30m-60m I see him winning. Powell, although great when relaxed, cannot match gatlins finish.

Its going to be a great race…

Has anyone ever run sub 10 in the UK?

yes i’m sure greene has performed the first ever sub 10 in the uk

Gatlin has the Uk All comers record at 9.89 - London GP 2005.

it’s been cancelled!


I booked 30k in bets!? (Kidding). I’m not surprized.