Gatlin (& Olu) for Greece

Gatlin has the chance…

Athens Super Grand Prix “Tsiklitiria - OPAP” is holding a unique privilege regarding the world records of 100m. During the last decade, it has been broken two times, one from Maurice Greene (9.79 in 1999) and one from Asafa Powel (9.77 in 2005). This year is the chance for Justin Gatlin.

The American “golden” Olympic winner and world champion in the 100m, Justin Gatlin is returning in the stadium, where in 2004 he won the golden medal in the Athens Olympic Games. Gatlin will come next Saturday in Athens, in order to participate in the Athens Super Grand Prix “Tsiklitiria - OPAP”, organised by Panellinios AC in the Olympic stadium on July 3rd, 2006.

Gatlin, in Doha, has met even the world record of the Jamaican Asafa Powell. He achieved 9.77, same time as the one by Powell in last year’s Athens Super Grand Prix. The 24 year old American has run six times this year in the 100 m under 10’’ and his aim is during this period to brake the event’s world record he is sharing with Powel.

The 100m men race in the Athens Super Grand Prix “Tsiklitiria - OPAP” is expected to be exciting. Apart from Justin Gatlin, in the event will also participate the 22 year old Nigerian Fasuba, who with 9.85 is the all seasons’ seventh best sprinter. Present in the race will also be the former Nigerian and recently Portuguese Francis Obikwelu, who is the European champion of the event and has a personal record of 9.86, as well as the British Jason Gardener.

Great names in women as well

In the 100m women race, stands the participation of the American world champion in Helsinki Lauryn Williams, who has a personal record of 10.88. Present in the race will also be Zhanna Block from Ukraine, who was world champion of the event in 2001 in Edmonton, Canada.

In the race will also participate the Americans Jenkins and Colander, Chandra Sturrup from Bahamas and her compatriot Debbie Ferguson McKenzie, while from the Greek side stands the participation of Georgia Kokloni, who with 11.38 has this years national best performance.

Does anyone think that Gatlin won’t break the WR at the meet after watching him at the US Champs? 9.93 into a 1.2 headwind and being the 3rd race of the day! :eek:

Everything depends on the wind and conditions BUT probably not Gatlin! He’s ready, and so, apparently is Powell, who got smart this time and ran the 200 at his nationals to stay in one piece.

But if Asafa does not run in Athens and lets Gatlin take the chance to improve WR under probably ideal circumstances, he is stupid.

The only excuse would be Asafa running 9.72 before Athens (which I consider possible, but where?).

Then he could lean back and watch what Gatlin can (can’t) do…

I’d love to be in this race! I’d let Gatlin and Fasuba drag me to a new PB!!

With all the right conditions in place we could well see a new WR. 9.75 is my guess…