Gatlin DQ'd then re-instated!

3 Heat semi finals!

that is messed up. DQed, then automatically advanced to the semi finals? what a way to go.

Only in America :rolleyes: …

dumb stuff happens everywhere, lets not forget what happened to britain.

I am very happy he was advanced into the semi. He needs to be at the world champs for Asafa to get his full props. I want Asafa to kick his arse in. :eek:

The officla report was the dude in the lane enxt to him flinched causeing his pressure to change on the blocks, it was a computer awarded DQ

Asafa has proven he is quick, personally don’t think he has proven he can compete in big time company.

I’m looking forward to it too.

Well I guess THE ONE got his wish. Gatlin won with a 10.08 into a 2.3 headwind (Crawford 2nd with 10.17). Not bad if you ask me. Does anyone know what happened to MoGreene? On the results page it just says that he DNF.

he pulled up grabbing his hamstring, and then fell in pain.

who was the announcer for the 100 discussing the arguments between mo and crawford re: top speed? He said something like, “well we all know michael johnson has the top speed.”

i couldnt believe my ears.

I believe ben johnson’s and mo greenes 12.1 meters a second is the fastest.

I was just in total shock when “Mo” pulled up with the injury. To me it looked like he was coming on at about 65 to 70 meters, right along with J.Gatlin. I think Mo would have gotten the win. I know only the reigning world champion in each event has an automatic qualifier for the games. But, it also says that every country is granted 3 to 4 athletes in each event. Does anyone think that if Greene heals from the injury, that the U.S Track and Field association will be able to send him as a fourth contender? Or is it not even a possiblilty?

The World Championships definately won’t be the same without Greene. Even with all the Powell talk I just had a feeling that he was gona win it this year. It will definately hurt the popularity of the event not having him there.

I think our 4x1 is going to be feeling it a little bit. As long as leonard scott doesn’t die horribly when he brings the baton in.

Now Gatlin won the 200 also. Does anyone else think he might start to fatigue with both the 100 and the 200 plus the 4x1 relay at Helsinki?

Not at all…Thats what these guys train 5/6 days a week for on a Full time basis. I was impressed with Leonard Scott again…this cat is gonna be one to watch out for real soon…especially next indoors…could be looking at a new WR. His start is FIRE!!

i just looked at the times, whats up with crawford? gold medalist in the 200 last year and he doesnt even make world champs here? thats pretty weird.

Doesn’t the top 3 get to run at worlds? Meaning gatlin by coming third would get to? Or is it top 2?

Doesn’t the top 3 get to run at worlds? Meaning gatlin by coming third would get to? Or is it top 2? To bad about Xavier Carter he’d run some really good 200’s this year too. I think he’ll go sub 20 and sub 45 next year!

1 Justin Gatlin Nike 20.04 -0.9
2 Tyson Gay adidas 20.06 -0.9
:slight_smile: 3 Shawn Crawford Nike 20.12 -0.9
4 Wallace Spearmon Nike 20.16 -0.9
5 Rodney Martin South Carolina 20.46 -0.9
6 Leo Bookman Nike 20.49 -0.9
7 Coby Miller Nike 20.64 -0.9
8 Joshua Johnson Nike 20.70 -0.9
9 Xavier Carter L S U 20.71 -0.9

Another question is where’s Bernard Williams? He won silver and it seems he wasn’t even in the finals.

Guys, you have got to start reading the reports in this News section: if you did you would know that Bernard was DQ’d in his heat of the 100m, same day that Gatlin was; only Bernard was not forgiven. kk :slight_smile: