Gatlin Doping Part 2

sorry guys but rules state absolutely no discussion on doping

Coach fired… Great job Gatlin - I hope Gatlin is telling the truth about everything.

I think they just trying to dig up any crap they can to make gatlin look bad. Never failed a test, so they have nothing…gold dust

The Telegraph reported that Mitchell and a track agent, Robert Wagner, met undercover reporters at a training camp in Florida and offered to supply and administer testosterone and human growth hormone for an actor training for a film, for a fee of $250,000.

Which has noting to do with Gatlin, But yet his face and name is plastered all over the article. Bullshit

Thanks X-Man.

Yes, we see how some think. Rules are made to be broken I guess?

Are you looking for an ‘official’ statement regarding a topic I might know something about?

Chris, are you aware that 30 years ago next Sept 2018 the anniversary of 1988 occurs? Do you think it’s something Canada will ever forget? Likely not and some more than others.

As many might imagine this topic has had an impact on many some more than others. Talking about something does not make it so or make it go away. The reason we started the site was simple. I felt and thought there was a point to sharing a story of knowledge, Charlie agreed and the rest is history.

I understand that controversy sells. I’m most interested in sharing the goodness that has changed my life for the better as well as changing the lives of my close and extended family. That includes some who have contributed here along the way. Let us not spoil it.

I think most people general public, fans and some other athletes are hypocrites. Given the chance, THey will try and destroy Gatlin like they did to Ben. This article is evidence.

First the general public and fans are not the same at all.

Second hypocrites abound.

Third give anyone a chance and who knows what will happen. According to some who defended our friends at the inquiry if you don’t want chance then don’t run track. I don’t agree. Track athletes deserve better but until they officially organize and unionize they will not be granted status of tennis players and other wealthier sports who can hire lawyers and have a voice.

Fourth Ben has not been destroyed. Few have accomplished what he accomplished. Fewer still ever will. History will tell the story best but a few more decades need to go by.

Books are good. Reading is better.

If anyone wants to learn more or understand more today then read “Speed Trap”.

I’ve recently contacted two reporters we met from our government inquiry. One from the NYTimes and other from the LA times. Charlie and I set one of them up with a lovely girl I had met in the city and she was visiting from Australia. It never worked out for them but both reporters have left sports to report on other areas and are doing interesting work.

Ben is doing well and making money and has a good life. He is alive and well and fortunate to have his health. I’m dead certain he would not trade shoes with some of his competitors.

Each of us gets to choose how we handle what we might not plan for. I’m grateful to keep this site going and share the information with anyone interested in learning.

Gatlin has tested positive twice. Banned on both occasions.
2001 Amphetamines. Claimed it was due to attention deifecit medication he had taken for many years. His ban was reduced. Athletes are considered responsible for substances in their body whatever the reason for them being there - unless the sport has a TUE process.
2006 Testosterone or precursonr. Claimed it was massaged into him without his knowledge.

Dennis Mitchell has tested positive once.
1998 Testerone. Claimed it was due to large intake of beer and frequent sex during the previous day.

Those are the facts.
Repeat offences are a reasonable observational factor for athletes and coaches when linking to new offences, eg the recent article.
During the discussions with journalists DM made unwise comments for someone with history. JG was unlucky and identified due to his background. That`s the problem with doing something wrong in the past.