Gatlin 9.95 Osaka

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Gatlin 9.95 Osaka

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Much thanxs for this video man!

hi Dan ,
I am finding it hard to download this file , any help

No probs, refer to my guidelines:

  1. Wait till the timer at the top right hand side of the page finishes counting down.

  2. The timer, will be replaced by a rectangular box that says “click here to download”, click the box, then the usual small download window will open.

  3. On the new window, click “open” to view it right away, or click “save” to save it to a location on your computer, so that you can view it anytime after.

  4. Download one video at a time (wait until one finishes to start another) if you try to do otherwise, you will get a “download limit exceeded” message.

  5. If you experience any other probs concerning megaupload, or just seeking general info bout it or any other t&f video site, ask me and I just may know the solution

Many thanks to the original poster.

I have uploaded the file to my own site too:

wo hoo now we’re talking. Looking like Gatlin and Asafa are gonna really kill it this season.

Thanks for the vid man!

My lord! What’s with the hunchback start? He’s REALLY overemphasizing his “drive phase” in this race. Looks very awkward.

he definetly looks a curios when running.

What about Asafa? I heard he also clocked 9,95… So i conclude he ran about 70m instead of 60m this time …

Thank you for a lot of replies.

I have also the race’s close-up video,

Close-Up Gatlin 9.95 Osaka

I like Gatlin, because he always comes to Japan and Asia when races are held.

We are looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

he question is is gatlin’s start good or messed up or he’s trying new thing