Gatlin 9.93 Daegu

Gtalins doing well

and the video

Is Richard Thompson injured? A 10.20 seems a little bit slow for him, does he have the habits of peaking late?

I wonder if gat will be able to sustain this. Or will he fizzle out. He wasn’t running this fast last year after his ban. Now he is dropping like water. Can his body hold up?

Maybe he needs some money.

Dennis can coach.

Also Gatlin before this year might have had some trouble getting into meets due to that thing we can’t talk about here. Hard to blame him for taking the money while it’s there. I just hope he’s not going to be out of gas for the OG.

I cannot see a guy like Gatlin having a problem timing his preparations for the Olympics unless he were to suffer an injury. In which case he would find himself in Tyson Gay’s current condition of wondering if he has enough time to be ready to even qualify for the Olympics this year. Which leads back to the reason Gatlin will be running high quality races right now. The US trials are coming up very soon and he will have to be confident and extremely sharp there before he ever gets a chance at Olympic glory later in the summer.