gaston massage?

what are ppls opinions on this type of massage vs other techniques

haha it hurts tho at first

this what they are doing on my hamstring right now for rehab from my ham pull

The website I have seen says Graston Technique. Is this where they use specific metal tools to help provide the deep tissue work?

Geez - be careful. I have some athletes at bobsleigh camp right now. They are referring people to a Graston guy. Hurts like hell, bruises them up, and really had no effect on addressing the problem (probably creating more problems). They didn’t even diagnose the problem properly before rubbing a frickin’ tire iron across his muscles.

Quack alert… I assume the technique is okay in the hands of a trained professional. But please…

Looks like a some torture tools! Two years ago someone told me about the methods and nothing beats good hands.

I have had it done twice. Once at the SWIS Conference and once by a chiro in my area. I thought it had some pretty good qualities to it. You can feel the scar tissue as the tool passes over it. (Just a different feeling) It did beat me up and bruise me pretty bad though. Don’t know if I would keep doing it.

Any experience with Tri-Genics?- Myo-neural medicine

I had some Graston work done on my calves/achilles by Ty Ashcroft in Toronto. She used it in combination with ART and accupuncture/muscle stim. Personally, I found the technique effective. However, this is definitey something that is dependent on the skill of the therapist, probably more so than other techniques because of the potential damage that can be caused by an improperly used metal implement (as opposed to just someone’s thumb).

Is it massage, medication etc etc?

I pulled this off the website. charlie, any idea if this works or not?? I saw the guy do it at SWIS but wasnt quite sold on it. Again, I am always looking for something.

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