Gardener set for Gateshead return

Gardener last raced at the Commonwealth Games in March
Jason Gardener will make his return to competition next month at the British Grand Prix event in Gateshead.
The former world indoor 60m champion will compete in the 100m outdoor event after recovering from a back problem which ended his Commonwealth Games.

Joint world-record holders Justin Gatlin and Asafa Powell will also be in the field at the 11 June event.

They all last raced together at the London Grand Prix last July, when Powell won and Gardener was fifth.

Also lining up in Gateshead alongside the “Bath Bullet” will be fellow Olympic 4x100m gold medallists Darren Campbell, Marlon Devonish and Mark Lewis-Francis.

Less well-known Briton Tim Abeyie, who is coached by former Olympic champion Linford Christie, will also take part.

The highest-placed Briton in the 100m will almost certainly be chosen to represent Great Britain at the European Cup in Malaga from 28 June.

Now there’s a great idea! Coming back from an injury and the very first test of race fitness is in the cold against the two toughest guys in the World. And you wonder why Britain is looking for more coaching help- and, if this keeps up, maybe more sprinters!

LOL! At first glance I was surprised, then I thought it was “brave”, but to hell with my thoughts it’s stupid, yes!

What is he hoping for out of this, his first race?
I’d like to hear from others on this especially those from the UK with any more info on his latest training! :slight_smile:

he is hoping to not get beat to death. His thoughts are if i can get between 3rd and 6th place im rollin!

What do you suspect his “latest training” has to do with anything here? First you have to return to where you were, which was nowhere near these two.
Have a look at the heats in the Olympic games or World Champs for perspective. All those backmarkers with qualifying times- how many of them even equal what they’ve done before when under extraordinary pressure? The answer is virtually none. Add in cold weather and the very best scenario is getting out of there in one piece.
Just to show that stupidity isn’t limited to the coaching scene there, he’s put under selection pressure to promote the meet. Survive here or you don’t get to go where conditions might be good.
A hint for those who’d care to improve things in a situation where the sprinters must improve to be competitive again. NEVER EVER put the best runners in the world from other countries into your selection meets!!! Have the meet but do the selections somewhere else.

Maybe its down to the appearance money. UK has 3 or 4 major meets per season, guess they are the earners directly, or indirectly in terms of profile (= sponsorships etc).

Seb Coe used to do early season meets in local championships. eg compete in a 400m to test out his speed - aimed at peaking for championships.

Yes he did, and it worked very well didn’t it.

i have met and stayed with jason on many occasions and he is a smart,level headed guy.IMO i think he is being forced by UKA to perform at this meet.

personally i agree 110% with charlie and also what confidence will he get from this meet…ZERO! confidence in this game is essential and its one thing that is missing.alot of the british guys are cocky but real confidence is totally different and not 1 british sprinter has it.

from the frying pan straight into the fire…as LORD COE would say toff! :frowning:

Reigning European Indoor 60m champion Jason Gardener (GBR), who recently returned from an intensive two week warm-weather training period in Tenerife, is targeting the 100m gold medal at the European Athletics Championships in Gothenburg on 7-13 August.

The ‘Bath Bullet’, after the disappointment of failing through injury to make an impression at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, is already gearing himself up to succeed Dwain Chambers as the European title holder.

“I said even before the Commonwealth Games that my major aim this year would be winning in Gothenburg,” said the 30-year-old British number one 100m man for the last two years.

He added: “My training’s going really well and I’ll start my season by competing in Oslo and then Belgrade before appearing at Gateshead for the Norwich Union British Grand Prix.”

"Everything, and remember I said this even before going to Melbourne, is geared to be in the best possible shape for the Europeans. It’s a title I have always wanted to win and believe, even though I am still getting a little trouble with my back, it is a victory I can achieve.

“Of course it will be great to race against the world’s two fastest men in Gateshead, but I have to stress, I will only be using the race like several others at overseas meetings, as preparation for the Europeans. That is the big one for me.”

(EAA Media Service - 26.05.2006)

J. Gardener didn’t race yesterday (relay) in the European Cup because of his low back problems, I understand.
But he seems to be in the entry list for the Athens meeting this Monday

14 June 2005 - Athens
Entry Lists
100m Justin Gatlin.USA, Olusoji Fasuba NGR, Francis Obikwelu POR, Jason Gardener GBR

I don’t understand… :confused:

PS remains to be seen, of course, but his name was added only lately

This is a failure on so many levels- therapy, training, comp selection… Where the hell is UKA? What have they contributed to a solution?
The UKA “Abominable No-men” bitch and complain about athlete performance while stifling criticism of themselves. They say no to change because if they said yes, they’d have to actually do something, but by saying no they get to sit safely on their asses, and, if by some miracle, someone succeeds in spite of them, they can retort: “Yes, but without our initial criticism, they never would have gotten on track!”
If this is how they look after the best, God help the rest.

Interesting…From when I last spoke to him, his back wasn’t allowing him to run how he would like…

I’d be suprised if he is running at the Athens meet as he hasn’t raced at all this season and thats a pretty hot race to ‘open’ up at especially with a suspect back problem.

The conspiracy theories around the whole GB thing in Malaga are a talking point over here also…All 3 athletes from the Gold medal winning 4x100m team pulling out with ‘injury’ problems coincidently timed with the inclusion of Chambers into the squad.

I thought about the last part, as the news came out a day or two afterwards (I think), but I couldn’t tell for sure, of course…
In that respect, Gardener’s decision for an eventual appearnce would make things even more interesting…