Games People Play: Who you rooting for at the Games

This story adds a new dimension to the question: Who will you root for at the Games?

Games plan for bedroom gymnastics
October 6, 2005

AS if the pressure of winning gold isn’t enough, athletes and officials at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games are expected to have sex 10 times in 11 days, on average, during next year’s event.

Official condom supplier Ansell said today it would provide 60,000 condoms and 60,000 units of lubricant to the games village, which will house 4500 competitors and 1500 officials.

And if the company has learned its lesson from the Sydney Olympics, it will have more on hand for when supplies run out.

“We initially supplied 50,000 condoms for the athlete’s village in Sydney in 2000, however 30,000 additional condoms were requested during games time,” Ansell’s Asia Pacific marketing vice president, Burton Van Rooyen, said.

Mr Van Rooyen said the company would provide a broad choice of flavours, colours, and shapes to the village.

“We learned quite a lot from the Olympics,” he said.

“Essentially, athletes come in a whole range of sizes and preferences, so we’ll be providing a wide variety.”

Asked if Ansell planned to bring out a commemorative condom to mark the event, he said “not at this stage – we hope every one will be memorable”.

Details of how the condoms will be distributed to athletes are yet to be finalised with games officials.

Mr Van Rooyen said it was unlikely they would be handed out in welcome packs, and would probably be kept at a village clinic.
“There are sometimes cultural sensitivities around condoms and contraceptions,” he said.

Mr Van Rooyen said having the games in Melbourne was a bonus for the company, which began in inner-suburban Richmond 100 years ago.

The XVIII Commonwealth Games will have athletes from 71 nations competing from March 15-26.